Good Boy ride the 90s inspired wave of indie rock with Transparency

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It can be a bit of an effort sometimes to stand out from the crowd. When there are so many people that are engaging in the same thing. For argument’s sake let’s say indie-pop music, it can be a pretty big chore to get yourself noticed. Some say the genre is stifled, and can result in a lot of artists sounding the same. There is always a sense of hustle and bustle to push to the front of the pack and ultimately be victorious, but what is it about those that get noticed that make them different? Leading the charge are artists like Tiny Little Houses and Methyl Ethyl, but hot on their heals are newcomers Good Boy.


With a knack for writing a good pop song and a distinguished everyman take on lyrics, Brisbane trio Good Boy are the indie-pop outfit to keep an eye on.

The Brisbane trio of Tom Lindeman, Rian King and Stu McKenzie have curated a sound, that although harbours strong indie-pop influences, is much more layered than your standard, run of the mill indie-pop. Thrown into the mix are surf influences and classic rock n roll undertones that intertwine slow, laid-back vibes with more upbeat and bouncy sounds. Indie-pop can sometimes come off sounding a bit flat and lifeless, but the interpretation Good Boy have clued onto offers up a textured and unique sound, which in the long run will keep them a step ahead of the rest.

Their first single, Waste Days or Ease Your Temper, progresses between a sunny, upbeat tempo, accompanied by grunge influenced guitar riffs and hard hitting drum beats. The track builds layers from the get-go, and sees a constantly shifting tempo. It drives a harder, more hearty beat, and approaches songwriting with a fresh, down to earth perspective.

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Coming in with a much more refined and matured sound is Transparency, the band’s latest release. Defined by its drawn out pace, Transparency incorporates a dynamic beachy vibe and silky smooth vocals. Ironically enough it is the subtle bass line that stands out as it draws on some blues influences, lending the song a chilled edge.  Through the clear cut instrumentation and repeated lyric “That’s how I know, just what I need. Please give me a little transparency” there is a feeling of a young man feed up with the world and desperate to be free from [the] bullshit.

Good Boy produce a clean, simple and infectious sound. Their work is served with a fresh, energetic enthusiasm disguised as laid back guitar pop. There are hints of late 90’s pop-rock tangled with the sharp characteristics of modern Californian surf rock. Their sound is one that will make your ears prick up, and with the chilled out, light-hearted and Summer vibes the trio oozes, Good Boy are hurtling towards the front of the indie-pop scene with an unmistakable uniqueness.

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