Enter the GrimesVerse: How Grimes’ AI song generation software is revolutionizing music creation

Grimes wholly embraces AI-generated music amid industry copyright concerns.

As AI-generated covers of popular songs proliferate online, the music industry has been grappling with the rising threat that AI-generated music poses to copyright infringement. However, there is one artist who has welcomed the forward-looking tech wave: Grimes.

In fact, Grimes has been a vocal supporter of AI and its potential to revolutionize the music industry for some time. She tweeted in response to the takedown of an AI-generated song that she would split royalties on any successful AI-generated song that uses her voice, just as she would with any artist she collaborates with.


Now, our favourite forward thinker is taking her support of AI a step further with the launch of her own AI song generation software called Elf.Tech. The program allows fans to self-replicate Grimes’ voice into their own music, with Grimes collecting a 50% split on the master recording royalties in exchange for the Grimes feature and distribution if the creator chooses to publicly distribute the song.

This software aims to make the creating and royalty-receiving process easier for aspiring musicians and fans alike.

Elf.Tech is currently in beta testing and has reportedly already created over 15,000 “voice transformations” using GrimesAI-1. Later, fans will have the option online to train their own Grimes model with stems, and more stems will be added in the future.

The singer- songwriters enthusiasm for AI is not surprising. She has long been interested in the intersection of technology and music, and has even created an alter-ego for herself, Rococo Basilisk, who is an AI that she claims will one day be able to control human behavior. Grimes has also used AI in her own music-making process, saying that she often uses AI-generated sounds and instruments in her songs.

With the launch of Elf.Tech, she is not only embracing AI technology but also empowering her fans and fellow musicians to explore new ways of creating music. By democratizing access to her voice and allowing fans to use it in their own creations, Grimes is ushering in a new era of collaboration and creativity in the music industry.

To get a feel for whats already out there, check out this track that has been uploaded to Triple J Unearthed by Harry Fox and head over to reddit for a complete list of AI generated Grimes.