Guns N Roses release a bong for 34th anniversary of ‘Appetite for Destruction’

Acclaimed 80s rockers Guns N’ Roses have just released their very own branded bong, celebrating their landmark debut.

Although Appetite for Destruction was released a whopping 34 years ago – way to make us feel old! – the notorious rock and rollers have just put out a designer bong, featuring artwork from their acclaimed debut.

The bong is twelve inches, and features a hexagonal base with the five skulls of the original members adorned on each side.

guns n roses
Image: BraveWords

And if that’s not enough, this soon-to-be vintage relic comes with a matching herb bowl!

Check out the enticing product description from distributors Smoke Cartel:

“This gorgeous bong features a diffused downstem and bullet hole ice pinch, which allow for impressive filtration and smooth hits. The piece comes with a matching herb bowl that has a handle that doubles as a roll stopper to keep it safe from drops. These pieces are removable for easy cleaning and replacements.”

Okay, okay! You’ve sold us already! So how much?

The bong can be bought for $74.99. Not bad, if you ask us. I mean, after all, it’s official merchandise.

The bong was made available today – July 21 – marking the official 34th birthday of Roses‘ classic debut, which to this day, is STILL ranked as the best selling debut album… ever!

So let’s all have a birthday choof with the fellas – Roses style!

Not a fan of the ganja? That’s okay. Me neither. *cough*

Guns N’ Roses will be touring the world this year, provided the Covid situation allows it. Their long-awaited 2021 tour begins July 31 – just 10 days away! – in Hershey, Pennsylvania. (Pennsyl that one in if you’re around – ha!)

They’ll then be making their way down to Mexico, and eventually Australia and New Zealand later in the year. So hang on tight; we need to be on our best behaviour to get rid of this Covid situation ASAP so we can go see ’em!

So does this new tour also mean new Guns N’ Roses music is on the way? Maaaaaaaybe!

At the end of 2020, guitarist Slash told Loudwire that something new is coming out this year. Ooh-wee! We sure hope so!