Happy’s Zen Horoscope (22nd May - 28th May) Mind your P's and Q's

Happy’s Zen Horoscope (22nd May – 28th May) Mind your P’s and Q’s

Mercury Retrograde Enters Taurus this week, be mindful of your P’s and Q’s, and communication in general, lest you get yourself into trouble.

If energy seems a little slow, and if you find that you come up against any frustrating or stubborn energy from other people – professionally or personally – go out of your way to stay grounded, and remember that it’s probably a sign to slow down and take your time. 


You may find that challenges crop up here or there that seem to be doing nothing other than causing setback after setback. No mind, use it as an opportunity to draw upon your inner resources and keep a positive mindset to keep you going. Because you have it in you to turn any challenging situation around, that not only helps you in strengthening any traits that need a workout but allows you to shine a light for those around you, to show them how it’s done. 


Decisions, decisions, sometimes there is just no clear-cut answer. In times like these you are going to have to trust yourself, and probably dig a little deeper than usual to make a choice. Especially if you are facing a particularly challenging situation. Take a quiet moment out to weigh up the pros and cons so that you can make a conscious judgement that utilises both your head and your heart so that you can make a choice that is most in alignment with your Higher Self.


This is a perfectly good week to express a little gratitude. Because let’s face it, there is a lot that you have in your life to be grateful for. So enjoy yourself, do something creative, immerse yourself in something arty, anything as long as it’s with zero guilt. Because sometimes, you have to celebrate life when there are no problems, just to remind you that everything is actually okay.


Loving yourself is a priority, always, so if you’ve been forgetting to practice a little TLC, well, it’s time to treat yourself, seriously. Because when you are happy, and if you feel loved, then you will attract love back to you, it’s the law of attraction. And if you find that you are feeling a little out of sync with the people in your life, be mindful of the power of communication, because it’s as easy as one little conversation to turn things around. 


Use this week to redefine or rediscover what gives your life a sense of meaning and purpose. If it means making some major changes, then so be it. Transform yourself from the old to the new, and in doing so, know that you are becoming a better version of yourself. Mostly, just make sure you are making the right kind of decisions, remember to practice a little quiet, inner silence, to make the path ahead all the clearer. 


When it comes to big decisions, it’s not always so easy to make a quick decision. Sometimes you really need to step away and contemplate your choices. When it comes to making any decisions this week, trust your own inner guidance system, and do your best to ignore what other people think is best. Because at the end of the day you know what’s right for you.


Professionally, every now and then you need to remind yourself what success means to you, and not what it means to others. If what you feel is correct for you, doesn’t at this time happen to align with the people around you, maybe you need to make a change. Regroup, rebrand, move on, whatever you need to fully align yourself with the right collective. Being clear with yourself is the first step in making any decisions based on your next move.



A good week to consider your longer-term goals and aspirations so that you can plan for what you need to do next in order to achieve them. You’ve already come such a long way,  and now you are ready for a change – this time to pursue your long-term goals in a slightly more purposeful way. You may be thinking about overseas travel, or a significant career move, if it means you can expand on your current situation, go for it. With the right planning and forward-moving approach, you will reach your goals.


You may face a decision, to try one more time…. or not. Whatever it may be, personally or professionally, one thing is clear, a decision needs to be made, and it’s best done by arming yourself with a positive mindset for the outcome either way. Because you have been comfortable for a while, without instigating any major changes, maybe to the point that you may even feel a little lazy, but remember Aquarius, laziness is not for you, so push for the next level, whatever you choose, because there is more yet to discover.


Know your limits Pisces, especially if you have been working yourself to the point that you have forgotten how to stop and smell the roses. Take a deep breath, relax, and remind yourself of what is truly important. Now might be a good time to seek some of mother nature’s healing and rejuvenating qualities. A beach, a park, a local garden, wherever you can get it. Just make sure you get yourself some.


There are times when you have to put yourself first, like personal before professional, or vice versa, depending on what you need at any given time. So strike a balance here or there where you have to, nothing permanent,  just to spend a little extra time in the areas that may require it. Remember, you can’t be everything to everyone, sometimes you need to prioritise, even if others don’t like it. 


No doubt you are chomping at the bit to get going, but sometimes, due to other factors, like waiting for other people, or maybe the timing isn’t right, or maybe you just need to gather a few more resources, it can make you feel a little impatient or frustrated. So in the meanwhile channel your energy into another outlet, sporty, or otherwise, just so long as you express what needs to be let out, otherwise, you may just well drive yourself crazy.