Happy’s Zen Weekly Horoscope (28th November - 4th December 2022)

Happy’s Zen Weekly Horoscope (28th November – 4th December 2022)

Happy Mag’s Weekly Horoscope Bringing the Vibes by Tammy Moir.

Moon enters Aries, which makes it a great time to get active and kick-start a lot of different projects. Keep in mind, that as long as you follow your heart, and do what inspires and interests you, it should yield positive results. However, it may be shortlived, so short-term goals may benefit more than long-term ones. 

weekly horoscope sagittarius star sign zodiac meaning


Temporary setbacks may occur, with regard to what you can or cannot deliver. Maybe you were too optimistic, maybe you were just lying to yourself. Either way, adjust accordingly, it doesn’t hurt to get a little real, and be honest about what you can achieve at this time. Come what may, at this time, honesty is the best approach. 

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weekly horoscope capricorn star sign meaning


This is the perfect week to tap into what it is that you would like to manifest. Whether it’s a professional goal or a creative hobby, if it floats your boat, all that matters is that you are excited about it, and are keen to put some plans in place so that you can bring them to fruition. Advice at this stage is to take one practical step at a time. That’s it, just one practical tangible step. 

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weekly horoscope aquarius star sign meaning


Sometimes things suck, and sometimes other people say dumb things that kinda hurt. Whatever you do, don’t hold anything in, if you feel like crying, cry your little heart out. Because crying is the first step toward healing. Its the Zen way, so get zen with it, and release any bad juju you feel. You will begin to feel way better before you know it. 

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weekly horoscope pisces star sign meaning


Sometimes you just need ot be reminded, that this too shall pass. Because whatever it is that you are feeling pangs of sadness about, it will come to pass. If history has shown us anything it’s this. The best you can do is work on yourself, and know that feeling true abundance within, is where true abundance starts.

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what does your star sign say about you aries


Sometimes you get to a point in life, and you realize, that who you were yesterday, isn’t really who you are now, or who you will be tomorrow. No point in trying to hold on to who you were, just let gravity and time do their thing, and let it happen. And remember, when things don’t work out the way you thought they would, it is okay to be disappointed, just don’t stay glum for too long, because better things await. 

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what does your star sign say about you taurus


Good week to think about upskilling. At the very least, if a career upgrade is not what you are after, then look around the house, think about what requires attention, and set to it. At this time, its more about the practical down to earth approach, rather than the bigger is better kind of approach that will bring about the best results.

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weekly starsigns gemini star sign personality traits


Personal transformation can feel challenging. Especially if it’s something you have been knowingly putting off. So if ever there was a week to set to a new improved version of yourself, this is it. And if you were too late, and something pushed you toward change, and you don’t like it, then try to get pragmatic about it, and see that it was most likely for the greater good.

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weekly horo cancer star sign, meaning


Burn baby burn. You know what you want to do, and sure sometimes, people in your life may or may not especially like it. But remember to apply some zen knowledge to the situation, and know that the opinion of others matters very little, because you have to do you at the end of the day, and at this time, nothing should stand in your way.  

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leo zodiac personality traits


Money has a way of showing you how inept you feel. so this may be a good week to get real about a few things and think about how you can better manage yourself and your money. If you are feeling stuck in a rut, give yourself permission to shake things up a bit, and do something random, that should help to get a fresh perspective.

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star sign virgo dates traits and personality


There are a handful of pivotal moments in one’s life, and Virgo, this timeframe appears to be one of yours. Time to step towards your destiny. You know what moves you, you know that you are being called upon to step up to so that you can be the best version of yourself that you can be. Look for support among friends and family to help you on your journey forward, everyone is always happy to help you, becase you are always so often helping others, you make it easy for others want to help you back when you ask.

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libra star sign meaning


This is a critical week for assessment, especially the areas where you are putting in a lot of effort but getting very little in return. Time to accept defeat, even though might not want to, and cut your losses. It will actually make it a lot easier to see where you can put energy into the other things that are working. Now more than ever, you need to be mindful of where you put your energy, so that the future has a clear path for you to walk down.

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scorpio star sign meaning weekly horoscope


Good week to look inwards, and make self care and self love a priority. If there are some partnerships, professionally or personally that have not been favorable of late, it may be time to reassess, and see what you can do to turn things around. Hold a safe space for one another and allow the room for self expression. A little shake up, and a little release of any built up feelings or energy, may be just what you need to get things moving again. 

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