Happy’s Weekly Horoscope (5th December - 11th December 2022)

Happy’s Weekly Horoscope (5th December – 11th December 2022)

Happy Mag’s Weekly Horoscope Bringing the Vibes by Tammy Moir.

There are a couple of pretty great Moon events this week that really put an emphasis on balance.  The Last Quarter Moon in Virgo instills a more practical approach to ascertaining what it is that you may need to let go of, in terms of baggage. And the Moon enters Libra, which marks a great week to restore balance. Look to all areas, and reconfigure accordingly, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, all in the name of making the space for true inner peace. 

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weekly horoscope sagittarius star sign zodiac meaning


Sometimes you need to back up trust with a little common sense, and remind yourself that if you look at things with just the right balance of realism and intent, things will unfold just the way you need them to. Any plans you make at this time, have to be grounded in reality, it’s just the most practical way forward at this time. 

weekly horoscope capricorn star sign meaning


Look to see how you can incorporate a little more ‘me time’ into your week. Given your propensity to help out others, sometimes you need a little reminder to take some time out for yourself. Time for some self-TLC of your own devising. Best advice for the week ahead, don’t over-commit, and remember, there is no harm in asking someone to cook for you for a change. 

weekly horoscope aquarius star sign meaning


You are an independent kinda human, and you have worked pretty hard to make sure that you don’t need to rely on anyone else financially, so take a deep breath inwards, and let yourself relax. Enjoy yourself, and don’t be afraid to splurge a little or a lot, whatever you can handle. After all, what is the point of being a wizard if you can’t shake your wand every now and then for a little fun?


weekly horoscope pisces star sign meaning
Pisces art


If you are feeling scattered, if your thoughts are jumping all over the place, and you are finding that you can’t maintain a straight path toward any one goal. Take a moment out, ground yourself, set your mind on one task, and follow through until it’s completed. It will make you feel clearer and more decisive as result, and you will actually finish something.


what does your star sign say about you aries


If you are feeling a little over-committed, look to ways that you can cut back, and focus on the more important or pressing things that need attending. You can’t always do everything, sometimes things need to take a  back seat here or there so that you don’t burn out. It’s okay, more than okay, to reprioritize some things for a while.


what does your star sign say about you taurus


When it comes ot balance this week, it’s important to remember that you are your own best teacher. So if you need a little guidance, take a moment out, and just breathe, because the answer will come to you. Problem-solving may benefit from a little outside-the-box thinking, even if it goes against the tried and tested way of doing things, you will know that ist okay for what you have in mind.  


weekly starsigns gemini star sign personality traits


There is a lot of good energy to things when it comes to relationships, especially new ones. Everything is better in twos, never more so than this week. Whether it’s new friends, new love, or new business partnerships, whatever you’ve got going on between you, is set for success. Noice.


weekly horo cancer star sign, meaning


If you happen to be feeling a little moody, take a moment out, and refocus your energy on planning anything that needs it. A new project, plans for the future, whatever it is, this is a good week to think about resources and over all timing.


leo zodiac personality traits


This week is less about the roller coaster of emotions you are so usually apt to feel and more aligned with the intellect. So keep on the path straight and true, and tap into your powers of logic, so that you can make it count when it comes ot getting things over the line efficiently and impactfully.


star sign virgo dates traits and personality


 We know that it’s important to you to maintain independence and that generally, you are a bit of a master when it comes to striking the perfect balance. But as money has been a focus lately, don’t forget about all of the other areas that benefit from a look-in, me time, family time, and some more me time. You know you probably need it. 


libra star sign meaning


This is just some basic encouragement to keep on trucking. You have seen a lot of change lately, and chances are a lot of it has felt kinda hard. But stay on track, and keep moving forward with the right intent, and things will show themselves to be correct. Because you are currently aligning with a bigger picture, and you are going to be so happy that you stuck the new process out, because it’s a paradigm shift, it’s not for nothing. It’s literally for everything. 


scorpio star sign meaning weekly horoscope
Scorpio art


Extra responsibility can feel kinda garbage sometimes, but know that whatever to so that you are giving one hundred and ten percent to, is deeply valued, and very appreciated. And remember, it’s not forever, just for now, so in the meantime, catch some me time when you can, and make it count. For example, if you are going ot have a bath, make a bubble bath. twitter


Happy Mag’s best weekly horoscope is brought to you by Tammy Moir,  a contributor to Huffpost Horoscope and Australian Women’s Dream Guide.