Happy’s Zen Horoscope (April 26th – May 2nd): The times they are a-changin’

Embrace a little contemplation courtesy of Pluto’s retrograde on the 27th; take a break, reassess, and be open to transformation.

The reflective quality of Pluto’s retrograde in Capricorn lasts a good few months, all the way from April 27th to October 6th, which gives you plenty of time to focus on what you would like to change.

It will definitely require a little deconstruction here or there so that you can refresh and rebuild. It’s probably going to be a little uncomfortable, but necessary, so speak from the heart and be open to change. Avoid any dramatic decisions at either end of the cycle, and keep in mind that Pluto’s energy works best with a slow, introspective approach.


Stress much? No doubt there is a lot preying on your mind this week – responsibilities and seemingly endless tasks are still lingering around – nothing ever feels to be finished. Sometimes things take weeks, maybe even months, and that is something that you are just going to have to learn to take in your stride.

One thing is for sure; this is a great week for gaining insights into how you can best navigate your way through without piling on any additional stress, so do what you can to simplify things just for a bit.


Don’t play the blame game friend, don’t do it. Chances are whatever you are ‘blaming’ someone for is likely something that you can just do yourself. For real, just do it yourself – sometimes that is actually the best thing that you can do.

Think about it, why wouldn’t you do something that automatically removes blaming, whinging, whining, wah wah wahhing? Step up and take responsibility for whatever it is that you think should fall to someone else. Chances are it’s going to make you feel pretty capable.


Loyal and protective: just two of your many great traits. What’s not great? Moody pessimism, so even though there may be a big part of you that has given up hope of ever healing that broken heart, or making amends with a certain someone.

There is a part of you that feels a bit complicated, a bit sensitive, which is fine sometimes, because it can come across as quite charming and endearing, but maybe it’s not your best foot forward this week. This week dear Cancer, you are going to have to lead. Look to the long-term future and see what it’s going to require you to get there, happily and caringly, so be good to yourself.



Centre yourself like your life relies on it. Actually, it does rely on it, so go out of your way to sit for a quiet moment so that you can re-centre and replenish your energy in all of the right ways.

There may be some unexpected challenges coming up this week, so you will benefit from staying focused on the practical side of life – any additional mind wandering is not applicable here, nor is it useful. So sit mindfully, focus on what can be done at the time, and breathe deep. Real deep. You’ll need it.


Any imbalance that you may have experienced is about to be rebalanced. Nice work Virgo, nice work. Because it hasn’t been easy, and you know what it takes to realign here or there when the need calls for it. Sometimes it requires a bit of self-healing to get a handle on any excesses, and I know you know what I mean… too much of anything is not a good thing.

So enjoy this timeframe, feel good about it, and remember to keep an eye on all areas of your life to check to see if things are being maintained in just the right way.


Things aren’t as they seem, and sometimes there is more at play than first thought. This is a profoundly interesting week Librans, really profound, and if people are asking you for answers, demanding more than usual, pay no mind.

Do things your way – your own beautifully unique way – because let’s face it, not everyone’s going to like the way that you do, not in the least.

Advice: if you are being asked to make a decision this week, don’t. Not if you aren’t even really sure, because the answers will come to you in time, and they can’t come with forced thinking or rationalising. Tap into that part of you that provides space and time, and you will know when it’s time.


What will it take to bring about a new normal? You know, the kind of normal that has it all; work, play, relationships, health. The kind of week that enables you to have all of these elements come together as holistically as possible.

Give it some thought, see how you can bring all of these aspects of your life together – it may require a compromise in one area or another that will benefit the others. A part of you may want to resist it, but try – try your hardest to move things around a bit. It will make a world of difference. Thank me later.



There is a lot that you have wrapped up lately, which makes this the perfect week to think of what’s next. Chances are you’re experiencing a touch of creative restlessness, so to help you along, take some time out to give thanks for what has come to pass, and clear your mind for what comes next.

The 26th of April brings with it the full Moon in Scorpio, which means get going with your nearest inspiration, get going on mapping out your next set of plans, because we know you Saggies, you’ve always got plans.



Feel like some change? Probably not, knowing you, but it’s going to happen anyway. Sure, it’s going to require a little courage, but what doesn’t?

No need for anything dramatic, lest it all feels too distressing, so just slow down, take it easy, you can implement changes one day at a time. And the best news about change? At this time, the planets are in alignment to make things even better, improved and amazing. And it can’t happen without change, so think on it. Walk towards it. Sounds good, right?


You feel pretty over-invested this week – maybe you’ve taken on too much and it’s starting to feel overwhelming. Especially if you are feeling compromised in any way, or if you aren’t getting paid what you should be.

Time for a rethink about your self-worth, is it time for a raise? Is it time up to your price? Maybe it is. After all, you’ve done the hours, you know your worth.



Things are changing, only because they needed to, but you feel you know this. Sometimes it’s important to let go of the past – all of the things you used to do – because sometimes you have to let things go to allow something new to start.

The more you let go, the better the future becomes, so enjoy the process. It needn’t be difficult.

Advice? Just be you, be the best sharing, giving you that you can be. Because with a little time and with a little patience, you will be really happy about the new opportunities that are coming your way, all thanks to the changes that are taking place now.



Remember who you are Aries – brave, relentless, and passionate – because you’ll need to tap into your strengths this week if you are to get past any growing fears or doubts.

But you can and will, which is quite impressive to say the least. Because sometimes, Aries, you struggle to have patience for such things. But not this week, so to help you through, keep good company and keep your loved ones close. The difficult times are soon to be behind you, and you have made it easier on yourself by keeping your emotions in check, so well done.