If you dig Neil Young and Courtney Barnett, you’re gonna love Carla Geneve

Since 19-year-old Carla Geneve first graced our airways with her upbeat guitar tracks, stunning vocals, and all-too-relatable lyrics, we’ve been lucky enough to receive nothing but consistent, quality tunes from the WA talent.

Hearing Geneve’s music for the first time ranges from a bitter-sweet catharsis of teenage vulnerability to the feeling of being young and having a whole world at your feet.

Photo: Matt Sav

Carla Geneve has just landed a spot on the huge BIGSOUND 2018 lineup, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t really damn excited about it.

We asked Carla how she felt when she landed a spot on this year’s BIGSOUND lineup, which is featuring some pretty massive Aussie headliners.

“It was very very cool! I called my mum.”

Carla encapsulates everything you’d want to see from a seasoned performer – the confidence which comes through in the lyrical quality of her music is something else. From everyday teenage experience to powerful political pieces, it seems that the young artist can put her unique spin on nearly anything, and we are here for absolutely all of it.

Carla has the unique ability to make us want to have a dance with our best mates in the local pub, or sit in our 1999 Toyota Corolla and cry about how weird, wonderful and terrifying growing up can be.

A nostalgia for simpler times and the memory of a world open to all experiences is something we all look for, and Carla seems to capture the essence of that perfectly. To be far though, she’s been at it for while.

“I started writing when I was about 13, around the same time I started singing.”

Carla’s sound is reminiscent of the iconic Aussie tunes we grew up with, and the eclectic quality of her recent releases reminds us of some of the staples that have shaped the music scene in Australia as we know it.

We asked Carla to reflect on some of her biggest influences in her writing and composition as a young musician.

I’d say the big ones for me are Neil Young, The Drones/Gareth Liddiard and Courtney Barnett. Recently I’ve been listening to a whole lot of Lucinda Williams, Andy Shauf and Smashing Pumpkins.”

Carla mentions that although she’s caught a pretty big break with the BIGSOUND lineup, she’s not taking a break or chilling out from her musical endeavours anytime soon.

“At the moment I think we are having way too good of a time to be thinking about taking it easy! Everything that we are able to do at the moment is a bit of a dream come true.”

“We’ll be heading over East again for Queenscliff and Fairgrounds festivals in late November, as well as some other things in-between, which we are really excited about. We are also keen to get some more recording under our belt.”

It’s safe to say that Carla Geneve is one to watch. You can bet we’re super excited for what the young artist has in the pipeline from here.

Keep an eye out for Carla at BIGSOUND plus a few other key performances this year.

Tour Dates

4–7 September – Bigsound Festival
23 – 25 November – Queenscliff Music Festival
30 November –  1 December – Fairgrounds Festival