Iggy Pop’s sixth LP Zombie Birdhouse to be reissued with a brand new bonus track

The legend that is Iggy Pop is set to reissue his sixth studio album Zombie Birdhouse. 

Inspired by his experiences in Haiti in the ’80s, the reissue will also feature a freeform bonus track.

Photo: Richard E. Aaron

Inspired by his travels to Haiti in the early ’80s, Iggy Pop’s Zombie Birdhouse is getting a full reissue with an unheard bonus track.

Hot on the heels of a highly acclaimed Australian tour and a remarkable Bluesfest performance, Iggy Pop has today announced the reissue of a long lost classic, Zombie Birdhouse, which will be released on June 28 via Caroline Records.

In 1981 Iggy visited Haiti were he was heavily inspired by Afro beats and crafted a rare selection of music. There were some incredible photos taken there which became the base for the artwork of the album. It is a heady concoction of droning synths, grooving rhythms and freeform lyrics. It was Iggy’s sixth studio release and captures him at his youthful, freewheeling best.

Watch an animated preview for lead single The Villagers below:

The album will also contain a previously unreleased version of Pain and Suffering featuring Blondie’s Debbie Harry on backing vocals. The song was originally recorded for the groundbreaking animated feature film Rock and Rule. Iggy provided the voice of the Monster From Another Dimension and Debbie Harry the voice for the character Angel. However the track was never released for unknown reasons.

With so many great records getting reissued at the moment, Iggy Pop’s Zombie Birdhouse will surely be worth a listen to hallmark one of the greats at his most experimental.

The record will be out June 28.


01: Run Like A Villain ( 3:01 )
02: The Villagers ( 3:54 )
03: Angry Hills ( 3:02 )
04: Life of Work ( 3:57 )
05: The Ballad Of Cookie McBride ( 2:58 )
06: Ordinary Bummer ( 2:43 )
07: Eat Or Be Eaten ( 3:14 )
08: Bulldozer ( 2:17 )
09: Platonic ( 2:40 )
10: The Horse Song ( 2:58 )
11: Watching The News ( 4:11 )
12: Street Crazies ( 3:54 )
13: Pain and Suffering (Bonus Track) ( 2:58 )