Illy has laid down the law about drug testing

Following the deaths of Sylvia Choi and Stefan Woodward at this year’s Stereosonic tour, not to mention several hospitalisations attributed to effect of illicit drugs, there has been much debate as how to handle the situation. There has been musch outrage at the use of sniffer dogs and strip searches as well as the discussion of drug testing at festivals. Melbourne rapper Illy has found himself at the centre of the drug testing conversation, and this morning took to Twitter to make his point of view very, very clear.


Backing his stance on drug testing, Illy claims that any required funding required to educate people should be found considering it will help save lives.

Meanwhile the media have taken a very practical stance on the issue…

Illy is about to embark on his Swear Jar tour, which will see him invite fans to donate to his virtual jar every time they swear with proceeds going to BeyondBlue.