The influences behind MOANA’s colour-bursting music video

Diving deeper into MOANA’s imaginative world, the group’s front-woman divulges on the creative influences that inspired Kingdom | Temple.

There is no doubt that Perth punk rockers, MOANA, are elite in the art of pushing sound and art to its limit.

Front-woman Moana Mayatrix dives into the influences behind their latest hypnotic music video, Kingdom | Temple, rightfully placing them along the colour-bursting spectrums of creatives such as David Bowie and The Doors.

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Salvador Dali

Dali is one of my all-time favourite icons and visual artists. I remember reading somewhere he often painted his scenes in these desolate, desert landscapes because they represented the vastness of consciousness and the dreaminess of the subconscious.

Something about that always stuck with me. Kingdom | Temple was deeply symbolic, so incorporating similar desert landscapes (shot in the Lancelin sand dunes, Western Australia) and the symbology of sand as eternal time, transient nature of all things and memory was, in some ways, inspired by my love for Dali and his work.


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Blackstar by David Bowie

A brilliant song and music video by a hero. The song is inspiration for the journey it takes you on, that saxophone… The video for its rich symbolism and surreal nature, shot so beautifully by an admired director, Johan Renck.

The Odyssey by Florence and the Machine

A full movie/visual album to accompany Florence’s album, The Odyssey – this is a work of art! I love to see this kind of creativity, the dancing and choreography (very Kate Bush inspired, who is also a big influence of mine), the rawness and realness of each of the stories. So beautiful and I’ve been a fan of Florence for a long time!

The End by The Doors

This song has been very influential on me, in general. The mystical, dark mood. His voice. The wild fierceness. The journey it takes you on. A song like this influenced me to be unconventional in my approach to songwriting, to make a journey and a story of it, to explore the subconscious, to let the rock and roll infuse your bones, the power of the spoken word.

In this way, it has been an influence on the larger musical journey and the supporting visual of Kingdom | Temple.  

Ain’t Nice/Creatures by Viagra Boys

A two-part music video that offered inspiration for taking on a double visual journey.