Cheap Coffins unleashes the frighteningly dark concept album ‘TERROR AMAZONIA’

Try putting Cheap Coffins into a genre and you’ll fast realise how breakable the confines of this deathbed really are.

Troy Koglin knows how to make an entrance. His debut album for the project Cheap Coffins is by no means shy of the spotlight. A solo multi-instrumentalist, he wields a limitless spectrum of progressive rock, metal, electronica and dub-step. Utilising a full tool belt of effects and production, each chapter of the epic poem of TERROR AMAZONIA treated, twisted and triumphant.

If you believe that Tool truly is the perfect circle/band, then Wollongong’s Cheap Coffins are cutting new shapes on this record. Textured and titillating, everything you’re looking for in a concept album is presented like a pagan offering on TERROR AMAZONIA. You’ll be imprinted with the poignant branding of this listening experience.

Cheap Coffins
Photo: Max Wilkie (Past Tense Photography)

For escapism, press play. Cheap Coffins provides realms of exploration and complexity. First single Liminal Self is the full throttle opener, taking no prisoners. Ferocious drums and and echoey, cinematic crescendos are decorated with keys to satiate those that are looking for some light within the dark.

But that’s the last of it you’ll see for a while as Koglin leads you into the depths of dramatic story telling: “If God is dead, who do I thank for his suicide?” The psychedelic video for Liminal Self was shot by Jacob Redding, below:

Chugging and chastising, God Mirror adopts the slow burn heavy metal aesthetic. Drums strike threateningly whilst a chorus of vocals feel ritualistic and spell binding. One could imagine this as the soundtrack to an episode of Vikings — the one where they overthrow Paris from the bank of the Seine.

Just when you think you’ve been lulled into an industrial-sized Greek Tragedy, AMAZONIA catapults you into the future. Modern waves of synth are a soothing soundscape, interspersed with tribal meditative tones. It’s clear that Koglin is as sharply aware of his audience as his conducts their experience with wicked mastery.


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Perfectly summarised is Cheap Coffin’s own bio:

“The project was born out of the desire to experience the joy of creativity, to tap into that mysterious source of inspiration, and to share with the world whatever flows through. This musical experimentation has led to the creation of a collection of music which is as epic and cathartic as it is interesting and thought-provoking.”

Crystallised in clarity as the mixing/mastering hands of Neil Foley (Old Haunts), TERROR AMAZONIA is to be heard to be believed.

Immerse yourself into the affair of TERROR AMAZONIA on Spotify below: