Inklines make their mark with their searing new single ‘Blossom’

Honest alt-rock merges with a sense of exuberant florescence on Inklines’ aptly titled new single Blossom, and sees them fresh-faced from lockdown and boasting a new lease on music.

Once again Sydney’s Northern Beaches proves home to an inspired group of musicians. Whether it’s the air quality up there, or the lack of public transport – cutting them off from the drama of the city, we are not complaining. Enter Inklines: a trio of deft songwriters, hoisting the colours of optimism.

Blossom is beaming with the growth of band that originally formed in back in 2017. Since then, they’ve released two EP’s, toured the county twice over and supported Aussie icons British India. Their first release of the new year is an ode their fully fleshed out, experienced sound. Simmering with the brightness of alt-rock legends like Silverchair and Bends-era Radiohead, they are feel good without the cheese.


There’s very little light and shade on Blossom. The track exists only at volume ten, level one hundred. Slinky riffs pull you in and headbang-worthy power chords keep you there. Holistically, they’re a tough band to fault as they meet together again and again with unanimous victory cries. They’re aware they’ve written a modern classic. And you can hear it in the knowing smile within the vocals.

I’d image Blossom to be the theme song of a ’90s hit show. It’s met with familiarity and a thrilling sense of unity. And like the second coffee of the morning, it packs the proper punch which lingers to carry you through the rest of the day. It’s no surprise that the boys from the Beaches took a break from Sydney to carve out the song – with full attention to detail – in the countryside. Three days of recording together, just outside of Goulburn made for a pristine creative space to run wild with:

“We did all our previous recordings in various studios and we decided it would be fun to change it up a bit this time. We rented a house just outside of Goulburn and bunkered down for three days, recording on the upper floor of the house. It definitely creates a different vibe when we were all just there with everything set up, remaining entrenched in the creating process over the whole weekend. The fact that we were separated from the city helped as well, it allowed us to just belong in the setting and get creative.”


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Blossom was collaboratively produced alongside Lachlan West and boasts a new era for Inklines.

A secret location gig somewhere in their local Brookvale has been announced. Good Friday will be even better on April 2nd with an acoustic set from Inklines. Grab a ticket here.

In the meantime, please enjoy Blossom on Spotify below: