glu’s single will make you feel stuck at the craziest horrorcore house party and love it

Melbourne artist glu unsticks everything we knew about rap and lights it on fire with new single The Party.

In a blurry haze of chaos, rapper and producer glu becomes the embodiment of a glass shattering house party.

Rumbling the ground beneath his feet, glu releases the first single off his debut solo project The Partyleaving a trail of destructive flames in his path.


The track undeniably shakes the listener to their core as glu bellows the words uttered only on an incomprehensible night and the bass twitches like live wire. The artist does not show an ounce of fear, his passion exploding with each word and the debris leaving you unable to feel the ground.

What is most rupturing about The Party is the jarring psychedelic beat, pulling you into a dark rabbit hole, saturated with shadows and hazy street lights.

Accompanied by a single release is a hyper-riotous music video, shot through the lenses of a 35 mm during the never-ending icy Melbourne lockdown. It is incredible how the harsh nature of the clip magnifies the chaos of the track.

glu fuels chaos to the fire as he races through the dark misty streets of Melbourne. The shaky and blurred shots, shining under the raw hues of blues and greens makes you feel like you’re stuck in the loop of a bad acid trip.

“Nicotine with amphetamines in the limousine/Benzedrine on the mezzanine with wolverine like it’s Halloween.” 

But in this sheer uncomfortableness is where glu’s musical talents lie. Unlike any video in the contemporary rap genre it magnifies a sound that rocks you to your core, you cannot look away. There is simply no other way to put it then to say The Party is overwhelmingly and electrifyingly captivating in every way.

I need me more stimulation don’t give me no more simulations/electrocute like operation turn up amplification,” he rumbles.


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glu ultimately refuses to remain stuck in one place, moving from the art rap of his Melbourne trio Big Ass Fish that humorously magnified absurdist rap culture. glu instead takes this solo project with both hands and delves into a deeper and much darker side of his calibre.

Producing The Party alongside Voidhood, glu has produced something similar to the likings of Ghostmane and Deathgrips, yet not even they can encapsulate the raw and hyped chaos of The Party. The song resurges the nights we thought we forgot, the house parties that end with haunting echoes ringing hours after its over.

Have a listen to The Party below: