Police catch illegal house party after guests place suspiciously large KFC order

One absolute sleuth of a paramedic has busted an illegal Victorian house party after noticing a suspicious KFC order. Patiently waiting for their zinger box (not a known fact) at 1:30am, the ambulance officer was less than trusting of the two patrons placing a 20-meal order across the store.

Promptly snatching their licence details and notifying police, the two perpetrators were tracked back to their Dandenong residence. What did authorities find at the scene of the crime? Two people peacefully sleeping and 16 others hiding in the backyard with the KFC.

Photo: Reuters

Did you ever believe that KFC would never let you down? How wrong you were. With stage three restrictions back in full swing, a Victorian house party has copped a massive $26,000 fine after being busted from the Colonel’s best.

“That is ridiculous that type of behaviour,” Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton announced to press.  “It is an expensive night when you think apart from the KFC, we have issued 16 infringements at that amount ($1652), that is $26,000 that birthday party is costing them.” 

“That is a heck of a birthday party to recall,” he concluded.

The news comes just as the state recorded 216 new cases in a single day. Victorian authorities have even been in hot water themselves during the second wave. In the last week, horrifying reports from within Melbourne’s public housing towers have emerged; claiming that authorities are prohibiting anyone from leaving to buildings, providing residents with expired food, and turning away anyone volunteering to supply meals.

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