Moana pushes the boundaries of art in short film ‘Kingdom | Temple’

On a gorgeously enticing and riveting platform, four-piece Perth group, Moana, releases short film, Kingdom | Temple.

As the constraints of art and genre stretch and pull overtime, Moana rupture these limits to uncharted levels.

The group released short film, Kingdom | Temple, as a magnified extension to the tugs and pulls of their immersive punk, rock sound.


The short film, is a cinematically intricate and enticing work, featuring musicians; Lochy Hoffman, Austin Rogers and Willow Fearns and frontwoman, Moana Mayatrix, hypnotising the lenses with her empire of dust.

The visuals, conceptualised by Mayatrix herself and Charmaine Murray, describes the story of Moana’s most recent releases, Kingdom and Temple

In a jarred collection of gorgeously indestructible shots, Mayatrix glides through the desert, saturated in an unstoppable aura as she sings; “she moves through you, she moves through me”. 


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‘Kingdom | Temple’ follows a Heroine’s archetypal journey of self-discovery through self-destruction, and is a dark meditation on the death of identity, descending into self-deception and inner illusion, to find absolution and ultimately heal through shedding and rebirth” Moana describes.

The tracks are bridged with a hypnotic spoken-word monologue by Mayatrix, each phrase grabbing the viewer with both hands, dragging them down a dark tunnel of shadowed empowerment; “she was devoured by a feeling, something within her, something endless, eternal, something of sorrow, something of brokenness, like her in her long dress, twirling off the edge of the world” Mayatrix recites.

What follows is Temple, as hard-hitting as the sword that plunges Mayatrix. The artist stumbles in pain, oozing with sand until a dark swirl encompasses her and she rises, reborn. The track is layered in a gorgeous electric tune, saturating the sonic and visual waves, making it impossible to look away.

Moana have pinned their sound as a transcendent juggernaut that consumes everything in it’s path – Kingdom | Temple is a powerful visual accompaniment that ignites the flames of the tracks, a fire that cannot be silenced or tamed.

Check out Moana’s Kingdom | Temple visuals below: