Intercontinen7al tap artists from across the globe for groundbreaking single ‘Night Shift’

Enlisting musicians from every corner of the globe, Intercontinen7al’s Night Shift is as groundbreaking as it is resplendent. 

In what marks a truly groundbreaking release, Intercontinen7al have assembled artists from all seven continents to create Night Shift, a single lifted from the collaborative band’s latest album Intercontinen7al, Vol. 4.

Like its surrounding tracklist, Night Shift enlists instrumentalists and vocalists from across the world in service of genre-hopping, eight-minute epic. 

Intercontinen7al single 'Night Shift'
Matt Smith of Intercontinen7al

The track opens with dreamy guitar riffs, courtesy of an assortment of globe-spanning guitarists in the USA (Matt Smith), Australia (Robert James Shoveler) and South Africa (Josh Pearlson).

The trio’s handiwork sets the scene with a lullaby-like intro, brimming with acoustic warmth and folksy strums. Subtle percussion accentuates these opening moments, immediately launching listeners into a sonic journey through sound. 

Smith’s rustic voice later takes centre stage, with the harmonic assist of backing vocalist Becca Drayer (USA). The pair are helped along by the rhythmic drums of Japan’s Tnbt, and a steady bassline courtesy of Nereo and Alex Burke, who hail from Argentina and the USA, respectively.

Intercontinen7al single 'Night Shift'
Josh Pearlson of Intercontinen7al

Just when you think you have a handle on Night Shift’s direction, it veers toward new sonic territories, fitting for a track borne from all corners of the world. 

Piano gets its moment in the sunshine with the twinkling keys and synths of Germany’s Rousevision, adding further texture to the already bustling instrumentation.

To assemble such a broad array of talent is no small feat, but Intercontinen7al anchor their multiple collaborators around the distinct sound of classic rock and leisurely folk.

For those keeping score, the aforementioned contributors account for six continents, but Intercontinen7al aren’t content with only that. 

Intercontinen7al single 'Night Shift'
Aymar de Lichervelde of Intercontinen7al

Even the largely uninhabited continent of Antarctica is spotlighted on Night Shift, through composer and recorder Aymar de Lichervelde, who is currently stationed in the region.

What all of it amounts to is a track that transcends borders, showcasing music’s communal force for togetherness. The fact that Night Shift is utterly resplendent only enhances the feat. Night Shift forms part of the tracklist of Intercontinen7al, Vol. 4, the namesake group’s most recent album.

Intercontinen7al single 'Night Shift'
Nereo of Intercontinen7al

The international effort makes Intercontinen7al the first and only music act in history to record and release songs including original music recorded from all seven continents.

It’s a groundbreaking triumph, and Intercontinen7al have the music chops to match. Listen to Intercontinen7al’s Vol. 4 single Night Shift below.