Andy bull Interview People You Love

Australia’s own indie-pop singer-songwriter and producer Andy Bull, best known for ‘Dog’, ‘Keep on Runnin’ and ‘Baby I Am Nobody Now’ has released a new album littered with gems.  

Andy Bull is a self-managed, self-contained musician. Since leaving the Label that he grew up with, Andy has set a new path and tone, bringing forth a new musical chapter filled with solid tunes, love, gratitude, and a wealth of rockin’ wisdom.  

Fresh off the release of his highly-anticipated album, People You Love, having already dropped Slipping Away, and Something I’ve Been Thinking with killer videos to match – take note – Andy directed both videos which are animated to indie pop perfection and a satisfying critique on modern life to boot.

Sonically sharing the DNA of his earlier pop extravaganzas, and rooted in perfect RnB sensibility ‘People You Love’ is assuredly among the best albums to have come out of 2022.  

Andy popped into Happy to talk about inspiration and the creative process behind his deeply reflective and alluring body of work. Poignantly citing creativity as a matter of perspective, ‘People You Love’ succinctly echoes the holistic and integral mood of 2022 and is the perfect accompaniment to walk or groove your way into 2023.

Join us as we take a deep dive with Andy as he candidly and generously walks us through ‘People You Love’.


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