Andy Bull ‘Something I’ve been Thinking’ official video release

Andy Bull shares new single “Something I’ve Been Thinking” an infectious indie-pop delight.

Australian indie pop singer/songwriter Andy Bull is on the cusp of releasing his new full-length album, People You Love, his first record since his 2015 sophomore effort, Sea Of Approval

Bull has been busy releasing the singles  “Slipping Away” which we cannot get enough of, and “Dying Star.” “Something I’ve Been Thinking’ is the third single from his forthcoming album, a synth-laden pop gem with the idealist wear your heart on your sleeve vocal stylings of the late 80s, and early 90’s. Bull sure knows how to engage the listener with his sweet vocals, and hella catchy melodies. 

There is an introspective depth to this single, that speaks to the acceptance that thoughts are just something that just pass through, which is refreshing, encouraging, and very positive.

andy bull slipping away video

The video, which Bull wrote, directed, and animated, is styled in the form of a classic arcade game, in which you see Andy walking along a busy street, to arrive at his destination ‘The Slaughtered Ham’.  

Andy’s animated journey as he traverses the rocky path to fame and fortune sees a cheeky nod to the state of modern music’s like and subscribe mandate, and highlights the question around what you share on socials, and more importantly, why you share in the first place. 

Arriving at his destination, he meets with an A&R type who accepts a free beer but concludes that Andy is too old (over the age of consent), and does not have enough followers to be signed to his label. 

Bull has said of the track, “This is the last song I wrote and recorded for the album and it felt like a really beautiful place to end that process. The song is about knowing you are bigger than your passing thoughts, and when they are overwhelming, to let them pass through, not take them too seriously. It’s a song of personal triumph over the hazards of thinking, and a return to joy and freedom, which is there in the music. It’s the right tempo to strut to, so I hope people will put this in their ears as they walk down the street and get that feeling music can sometimes give you that you are the creator of your life, that you have all of your life to look forward to.”

Check out the song and video below. People You Love is out everywhere on December 2nd.

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