A DIY genius, dark and a lil moody, yet wholly uplifting, we caught up with one to watch Brandeus

With Gold Coast roots & Brazilian heritage, Brandeus mixes Alt R&B vibes to prefection

Fresh off the release of the pulsating trap and brooding R&B in Brandeus’ latest single “Sugar Rain ft. K-Si Yang,” the Gold Coast musician dives deep into the themes of fame and betrayal.

We caught up with Brandeus to learn more about his background, daily life, and the creative process behind “Sugar Rain.”

Brandeus single 'Sugar Rain'

Happy: Tell us about where you are from? What’s the scene like in your neck of the woods?

Brandeus: Originally I was born in Tamworth, New South Wales, however I was raised and currently live on the Gold Coast Queensland. 

My background is Brazilian as my mum had migrated over to Australia just before I was born. 

There is a thriving local live music scene on the Gold Coast, with an abundance of indie bands, metal bands, hip-hop artists and a plethora of funk and soul. 

There are so many great venues where local musicians play every weekend on the Gold Coast. 

Happy: Describe an average day?

Brandeus: An average day would include going to work from 6am as I work in the construction industry, mostly to pay the bills and fund music and marketing.

 In the afternoons I record, mix and master new music I’ve been working on in my home studio. 

I also manage my own marketing and graphic design where I dedicate time into video editing, emailing curators, radios and YouTube channels. 

Happy: What inspired you to create “Sugar Rain,” both lyrically and musically?

Brandeus: About a year ago, I cut ties with a best friend of over 15 years. We went our seperate ways only to find out he was spreading lies and gaslighting me. 

I ended up going out, drinking, working long hours, anything I could do to ignore and suppress my feelings. The theme of the song is dark and moody yet uplifting.

Happy: How did the collaboration with K-Si Yang come about, and what was the experience like working together on this track?

Brandeus: I heard his music through Spotify radio/similiar artists and really liked the vibe and style of his music.

 I reached out to him and his team via email and we started cooking something up straight away. I sent him my verses and hooks with the beat and got his verse back within a few days. 

Happy: Can you tell us about your personal affinity for trap and R&B, and how these genres influence your music?

Brandeus: Growing up I’ve always listened to a versatile range of artists and genres. From John Mayer, Eddie Vedder, Drake, Biggie, Juice wrld, Saint Jhn and many others. 

I like to blend lyricism with melody and beats which is why I focus on R&B/Trap and Pop sounds. I like to tell a story in my music while still being able to sing it and not just focus on rap. 

I’m riding the wave of Alt R&B at the moment however my catalogue consists of emo rap, hip-hop, R&B and Alt Pop. Who knows what genre I may focus on in the future. 

Happy: What do you consider to be the standout or most enjoyable aspect of “Sugar Rain”?

Brandeus: The most standout and enjoyable aspect in my opinion would be the shift in energy once K-Si Yang comes into the song.

 It brings versatility and a change of emotion which is felt through his lyrics. It wouldn’t be the same without his feature. 

Brandeus single 'Sugar Rain'

Happy: Take us through your typical songwriting process. How do you start crafting a song, and how did it differ for “Sugar Rain”?

Brandeus: I always start with an emotion or a personal experience I have felt. Or even a story of what someone else is going through. 

I started with the concept of “Sugar Rain”, then I worked with my producers to come up with a beat to suit the idea of the song. 

Once production is set, I craft the melodies of each section of the song by humming and mumbling words through the instrumental. 

Once I have a tone locked in, I write the lyrics at the very end to tie it all together. I sometimes come up with lyrics while I’m not even making music and write them in my notes on my phone just in case I forget.

 The lyrics came so natural for ”Sugar Rain” as it’s one of my most vulnerable songs yet. 

Happy: Do you have a favourite line or verse from “Sugar Rain,” and if so, why does it resonate with you?

Brandeus: My favourite verse from “Sugar Rain” would have to be the outro verse after the last hook. 

I had mixed my vocals in the outro completely different compared to the rest of the song. It creates a dark and dystopian essence to it which sounds incredible with the beat drop.

 It always has myself and everyone around that listens to it bopping their heads. Like something you’d hear in a nightclub or the gym to get you motivated to complete a final rep.

Happy: Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or collaborations you have in the pipeline?

Brandeus: Starting from January 2024 my goal is to remain consistent as I will be releasing new music every 4-6 weeks. Starting off with a new single called “Truth” with another American artist under the alias “Asaiah Ziv” in January. 

I have plans to release my second collection/mixtape in 2024 with a possible east coast tour of Australia in the pipeline. 

I would like to collaborate with more Australian artists in the future but haven’t decided on who to connect with next. 

Happy: Lastly, what makes you happy?

Brandeus: Appreciating the little things and spending quality time with my partner, our friends and family. 

Also by following my passion creating music, perfecting my craft and to potentially changing lives from my music.