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C-Money Baby hails from the Buckeye State (Ohio) whose teen struggles at home and in the streets led him to music as a form of self-expression. Recording and performing became not only his passion but his savior.

Following a path that can only be called a dream run C-Money Baby has gone on to work with Mozzy, Mac Miller, Caskey, and even share the stage with Kevin Gates. As an independent artist, he recently reached over 2 Million streams on YouTube, which makes his dream of helping others by sharing his story with the world a bonafide reality.

Hot on the trail of dropping his highly anticipated third album, ‘Even Demons Pray’, C- Money Baby sat down with Ash Matthews from Smart Boy Studios for a quick game of ‘This or That’, before they hit the studio to knock out a slew of features he has lined up. 

It seems C-Money Baby has a taste for Barbeque over Jerk, for its flavor and family factor, and if you pay him enough he might just make it his slogan. 

c money baby new album
Credit: Smart Boy Studios

Ash: Okay, this or that. Indian food or Mexican food?

C-Money Baby: Mexican food.

Ash: Why?

C-Money Baby: Cause Indian food is more spicy than Mexican food. Mexican food is more flavorful than spicy. Even though the Mexican food has spice in it, it’s more flavor than spice. Indian food is more spicy. 

Ash: Got you.

C-Money Baby: And I hate spicy shit.

Ash: First of all, who’s your favorite Avenger?

C-Money Baby: My favorite Avenger? The Hulk.

Ash: The Hulk or the Joker?

C-Money Baby: That’s not fair. Bitch. You set me up.

Ash: I did.

C-Money Baby: I have to go the Joker. And I’m explaining why. This is about to be deep. I’m a go the Joker because I connect with the Joker more on a mental state of mind. He’s more of a confusion to people. I feel like I’m more of a confusion to people. Sometimes I’m lovable something happy. Sometimes I’m angry. I’m more of a confusion to people, like the joker. But I love The Hulk because he’s from Dayton, Ohio. If you google where Bruce Banner the character is from, he’s from Dayton, Ohio. That’s where I’m from. And I thought that was the dopest shit ever. So Marvel. I’m going with Bruce Banner.

Ash: The Hulk.

C-Money Baby: An all-round just fictional character. The Joker for sure. Fuck. I hate you, bitch. That’s crazy. That’s crazy. Don’t ever set me up again like that in life. That’s crazy.

Ash: I was trying to think of a shoe brand. I wanted to go specifics. I didn’t want to go too. I know what you would pick if I did certain things. I’m trying to think.

C-Money Baby: Whatever is on your mind.

Ash: Okay. I don’t know Jordan that well. So I’m just going to pick two random Jordan numbers and you pick between them. Jordan one or Jordan Eleven.

C-Money Baby: 11. Listen, those are in my top three. One is my third. Eleven is my first.

Ash: And what’s the second?

C-Money Baby: Four. But yeah, so I’m going to go Eleven over One. That’s crazy, though. And randomly you pick that. That’s crazy.

Ash: People are going to want to know Tupac or Biggie?

C-Money Baby: Biggie. 1 million times storytelling. His rhythm was better. He was just… I closed my eyes and I related more. I feel like Tupac was more in the moment, whatever was going on in the moment, which was a lot of black harm, a lot of black disrespect, a lot of harm to black people in America in Pac’s time. To this day, it’s the same way. But I think in my everyday life I rock with Biggie more. Of course. I rock with Pac. And that’s why they call him the Cap, of course. Letter to Kap. Of course. I love what Pac’s message was, even his gangster message. It was fire. But it felt more of a scripted message. And Biggie felt more fluent and real to me.

Ash: Yeah, I got Biggie too, by the way.

C-Money Baby: I appreciate it.

c money baby album

Ash: Durango or Hellcat?

C-Money Baby: Hellcat or they got the Hellcats Durango’s though. If that’s in that. I’m going hellcat Durango over the Hellcat Charger. But if you’re just going Hellcat Charger or Challenger over Durango, I’m going with one of those. But if you’re going Hellcat Durango, that’s what I’m going so that’s a trick question. I’ve owned a Hellcat Charger. I’ve never owned the Hellcat Durango. Sorry.

Ash: Would you rather go to a football game or a basketball game?

C-Money Baby: Football game, are you dumb?

Ash: I go basketball.

C-Money Baby: So I’m two something trying to do something. I’m fucking been fucking with football my whole life. I should have went pro if I didn’t have a kid. Every nigga says that, but I mean that I stand on that. You can look me up. I could have went pro but I had a kid of 15. Real life.

Ash: Patron or Ciroc?

C-Money Baby: Right now.

Ash: Right now I’m thinking of what the answer is going to be, but yeah, Petron right now, overall, all-time one.

C-Money Baby: Love Ciroc more than Patron. I would drink Ciroc right now over Patron, but it’s got too much sugar in it on my figure. Ciroc is so fucking good.

Ash: Yeah. I was trying to pick another rapper duo to go by you, but everything I think of, I just feel like I know the answer already.

C-Money Baby: Ask it, you might be surprised. It’s going to be Lil Wayne over anybody, so just don’t throw his name in there.

Ash: I got one. I’m trying to think of who the other is. It’s got to be someone I know that you really rock with.

C-Money Baby: I got one that I don’t think you know the answer to, but I don’t want to give it to you.

Ash: I’m also trying to think of other foods here.

C-Money Baby: You definitely know my food answers except for spaghetti. Don’t say spaghetti. Spaghetti over spaghetti runs all. What do you think my answer would be to Drake or Gates, what do you think my answer would be?

Ash: Okay, I don’t know that. Drake or Gates, what do you think?

C-Money Baby: It would be, though? I want to know what you really.

Ash: Don’t know because I feel like your answer could be you respect Drake as an artist and everything he’s done and how he has been able to take different influences and be on the top of the game and just doesn’t really miss. But Gates, you probably have more of a connection to and like relate to and really like, that’s my dude. So I don’t know which one of those is going to be stronger.

C-Money Baby: Just tell me what you think of what you just said. What do you think?

Ash: Gates?

C-Money Baby: No, you just said it perfectly. Yeah, that’s really what it is. I’m in love with what Drake does. He is like, in my eyes, the perfect artist. Phenomenally. He don’t care what people think about if he does pop music, he don’t care. He’s going to put it out if he does reggae music, dance hall, music, he don’t care. He’s just going to put it out. If he does. Hiphop music, horror music, trap music, he don’t care. He’s going to put it out. So I love that about him. And he does good every time in my eyes. But Gate speaks to my soul. He does. Kevin Gates speaks to my soul. I can tell, no matter what the media say, oh, he’s a fake individual. I don’t know him personally, so I don’t know about that. But what he says in his music, I genuinely feel it. I don’t just hear it, I feel it. So yes, Gates. I’ll fuck with Gates over Drake 100%, but I fucking put Wayne over Gates.

Ash: Summer versus winter.

C-Money Baby: Really? You put shit on in the winter. In summer you could put a beater on or some shorts to feel comfortable and still apply. In winter, I could put the C- Money baby hoodie on. Maybe even a smart boy vest. I could put a smart boy hoodie on with some jeans or some fucking rock star jeans. I can layer shit. Yeah, in wintertime, I can layer shit, you feel me? And I’m a fatter nigger than most, so I get hot quicker than most. So, yeah, winter ten times out of ten. And I was born in January.

Ash: I guess you got a little thing there. I hate the cold, but I love hoodies. So it’s like the beginning of fall and like, the middle of spring where.

C-Money Baby: We at right now, where we like that cool weather, where you can still wear a hoodie and maybe some shorts and get away with it.

Ash: Yeah, exactly.

C-Money Baby: Now I like winter. You put that shit on, you see how much that jacket costs in the cover. You spin that shit. Put that shit on, bro. Put that shit on.

Ash: I’m trying to think of another food when I’m trying to go between, like, jerk something and, like, another style preparation like that.

C-Money Baby: Don’t over think it, bro. 

Ash: Okay. Jerk or barbecue?

C-Money Baby:Barbecue. Because barbecue brings flavor and family together. Jerk.

Ash: That’s a good answer.

C-Money Baby: Jerk to me, is more of like, I go to a restaurant, a real Jamaican restaurant ‘Taste Of Jamaica’, things like that. When I get real jerk, it’s fire. I love it. I love every bit of it. But, like, barbecue, when you just say the words barbecue, I think of flavor and family.

Ash: Yeah.

C-Money Baby: So, yeah, barbecue.

Ash: I feel like I should be someone’s slogan. Flavor and family.

C-Money Baby: They gotta pay me to say that.

Ash: Grammy or BET award?

C-Money Baby: Grammy.

Ash: Why?

C-Money Baby: So I can be another man of color up there and make my ancestors proud, my mama proud. Rest in peace, my granddaddy. Rest in peace, my grandma. Make both of them proud. When you’re a person of color, it ain’t going to be black. When you’re just a person of color and you win something that prestigious in white people’s eyes, it’s important.

Ash: Yeah.

C-Money Baby: And that’s not saying fuck white people. No, that’s not. And I know when I say that, a lot of people take it that way. That’s not what I mean. It ain’t fuck white people. It’s just about when you win something that important in white people’s eyes, they have no choice but to look at you.

Ash: And be acknowledged.

C-Money Baby: They didn’t want to look at you. I mean, I can name names for days. They didn’t want to look at certain people. And when you win one of those prestigious awards, when it’s predominantly white attendance, they have to look at you. And I think that’s a beautiful thing for people of minority people who are coming. So that’s why Grammy. But I would appreciate a BET award for sure.

Ash: Will Smith or Jamie Foxx?

C-Money Baby: Will Smith.

Ash: Quick answer. Quick with the draw on that one.

C-Money Baby: that is a GOAT to me, he was a person who was like, you know what? I’m not going to cuss in my raps. And was great. People don’t respect Will Smith’s raps. But that’s a platinum artist, dude, I love Will Smith. He’s a platinum artist.

Ash: Code red was one of my favorite.

C-Money Baby: Albums when I was young, brother. That’s a platinum artist. He’s amazing. I love Will Smith. Everything he does. Acting rapping. I love Will Smith. Smacking. Chris rock. I love Will Smith. He showed he was human when he did that.

Ash: That’s true. Because up to that point, he felt kind of superhuman. Like, he felt just so like he.

C-Money Baby: Felt like the Rock who was number one.

Ash: The Rock. Yeah.

C-Money Baby: He felt like a fake person. If I see the Rock, I wouldn’t even know. I don’t know what my reaction would be. He don’t seem real to me. That’s how he’s my number one human being on this Earth It’s like he’s never done wrong.

Ash: Yeah.

C-Money Baby: Even when he’s done wrong, it’s like it wasn’t that wrong.

Ash: No. Now you got me thinking. I’m trying to think something to match with wrestling.

C-Money Baby: Okay.

Ash: Yeah.

C-Money Baby: I love wrestling, by the way. I do.

Ash: Okay. I feel like I already know the answer, but I’ll ask anyway. Wrestling or superhero movies.

C-Money Baby: I have to go with superhero movies.

Ash: I felt like you would.

C-Money Baby: I have to. It’s hard to go with that, but I have to. I feel like superhero movies, especially movies, like, you know what? I’m not going to make this a race thing. I’m not even going to make this a race thing because I feel like having black superheroes is important to black kids, but having white superheroes is important to white kids as well. Like, when a little white kid, like a kid who doesn’t understand racism, a kid who doesn’t understand color difference. A kid who sees a fucking Tony Stark is like a white kid, like, oh, my God, he’s great. I can be him. When a black kid sees black Panther, he’s like, he’s great. I can see him. They don’t see color difference.

Ash: Yeah.

C-Money Baby: And I think that’s the importance of superhero movies I think the importance of superhero movies is innocence. Innocence. Innocence. These kids see these things and they’re like, oh, my God, I can be that. I love that. Iron Man’s good friend is Black Panther. Black Panther’s good friend is Iron Man. My best friend is black. He can be Black Panther. When we have a sleepover, I can be Iron Man. Like, there’s no ill. There’s nothing. It’s innocence. There’s nothing wicked about it. As adults, we catch the wicked jokes, we catch the wicked plots. But as kids, they don’t catch that. All they catch is it’s beautifulness and innocence. So I got to go superhero movies. I love wrestling, but wrestling is violence. 100%.

Ash: Yeah.

C-Money Baby: Damn, that was a good question. That was a fucking great question. I hope I get asked that in an interview.

Ash: Yeah, let’s see if I can come up with one more. I want it to be tough, though.

C-Money Baby: that was tough.

Ash: I want to be tough. I want to be as tough as that. I don’t know if I want to go people or topics. Okay? I want to go, like, luxury brand versus another luxury brand. But I feel like I don’t know what your luxury brands of choice would be. So I’ll throw two main staples out there and maybe you just don’t even rock with one at all. So let’s just go. Alright, we’ll go Gucci versus Versace. Let’s pick this one. This or that or that. Gucci Versace. Louis V.

C-Money Baby: If you do all three, I’ll go Louis V. Okay. And I’m going to go with Loius V because I hate always making things about race, but they support black people. Most of their designers are black: Rest In Peace Virgil. One of their most important designers is a black man Rest In Peace Virgil. If we were just going to Gucci Versace, I have to go Versace. Because Gucci did the blackface shit. And to me, to this day, that was just like it was crazy to me. Yeah, it was crazy.

Ash: It didn’t feel real.

C-Money Baby: It did not feel real. Somebody over there had to be like…

Ash: This is a joke, right?

C-Money Baby: This is how my brain took it, right? I took it like, either you had nobody over there saying, y’all gotta be fucking joking, right? Or you all were over there like, I bet you we can get this off. Yeah, black people love us enough. I bet you we can get this off. And it was supposed to be like an inside joke. I really took it that way. So it was like Gucci. I love Gucci, though. Like, to this day, you might catch me in, like, a Gucci something. But I’m a pick Versace over Gucci 100%. And I’m Louis V over all of them. Virgil. Long live Virgil. I feel like what Virgil did for this culture, for everybody, like, he was dressed in white people, black people, brown people, Asian people. When he did walks, when he did fashion shows, he had white people, brown. He connected people, didn’t divide people. And I thought that was the most beautiful thing you can do in America to this day. Virgil brought people together. He didn’t divide people. And to see a black man do that is very important for our culture. So Louis V, 1 billion percent.

Ash: And last one just super relevant artist right now. Lil Baby. Lil Durk.

C-Money Baby: Damn. I’m going to go a little Durk. I think Lil Baby is a better artist. I think Lil Baby is a better artist and I think he’s more hungry. But I’ve been following Lil Durk since he had his first dreads. He cut him off. I’m still following him. He grew him back. Still following him. I’ve been with Little Durk for the long run and I’m going to stay with Little Durk for the long run. So I got on Lil baby late. I heard his music. That’s my dog. When it came out like it was cool. I didn’t fall in love with a Lil Baby until he did.  “A little letter came through the mail. I think I missed you. I ripped it up and flushed with the tissue trying to forget you.” When I heard him, I knew he was an artist then. But I’ve been in love with little Durk. So even though I think Lil Baby is the better artist, I’m going to pick Lil Durk. I’m rooting for Lil Durk more than Lil Baby. No disrespect to either one. I love them both. But I’m rooting for Little Durk more.

Ash: Bet. And I’m rooting for you.

C-Money Baby: I love you.

Ash: Love you too.

C-Money Baby: Gang Gang.

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