C-Money Baby unveils powerful third album, ‘Even Demons Pray’

Coming in with his third album this year, Ohio artist, C-Money Baby aims to confess his prior sins through a 15-track LP, Even Demons Pray.

C-Money Baby has released his third album, Even Demons Pray. Remorsefully, yet without regret, the Ohio artist exposes bad decisions and toxic mindsets that were intertwined with liquor, love and faith. Having struggled deeply within his home and street life during adolescence, it led him to find music as a tool for self-expression. It wasn’t just a passion that he connected to, performing and recording became his therapy. 

The melodic lyricist has engaged in transparent self-reflection and subsequently produced an album full of quick wit, hopeful thoughts and an authentic attitude. It’s sure to make you sit and reflect on some of your bad deeds.

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To start the album off, Memoriez introduces his introspective thoughts on his past life that still torment him. He dives into the wilderness of these thoughts with his commanding yet unguarded vocal tone and flow, navigating through his lyrics with a punchy meditative force. A standout lyric, “trying to turn my enemies into memories” verbalises these memories and takes away their power. C-money Baby is flipping the script!

In Brazy, his polished and expansive sound arrives at the forefront as the melodic piano and his soaring flow frantically crawl from the gutter and get lost in the hustle. Hate Love takes a different turn, through the piano’s childlike wonder that starts the track off before it cascades within his mental disarray, wedged in anxieties and insecurities about love and himself. C-Money Baby’s speedy flow is a signature element of his style, and the harmony at the end gives off classic Frank Ocean melodic vibes.

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Pourin Up and I Like This are tracks that bring us catchy hooks intertwined with harmonious ad-libs, layers and echoes. In I Like This, a soprano vocal tone contrasts C-Money Baby’s raspy low sound in such a soothing way. In tracks like Ooooo, RIP Keed and Call On, the flow oozes out everywhere so effortlessly, that it’s remarkable C-Money Baby doesn’t trip over it! These tracks showcase intricate pacing and phrasing, melodic fluttering pianos and undertones of chimes. In Call On, feature artist, SRT Meech, fiercely spits the catchy hook, “I don’t need nobody but I’m a somebody that everybody call on,” and it’s absolutely fire!

A change of vibe is introduced in Far Away. It begins with acoustic beats and continues with undertones of a rustic twang. He brings his self-reflection to light through the lyrics, “They hate it when you stay the same, they hate when you change, they hate it when you say shit that’s on your brain,” and compliments this vulnerability through melodic ad-libs. BnB follows these vibes, with an amplified acoustic finger-picking intro, and guides the song with smoother and warmer undertones than previous tracks. 

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Temporary Love begins with a startling and emotional piano which is scattered through the song as C-Money Baby lets his emotions avalanche. MarMonroe adds a real bite to the track as she features towards the end with ferocious force. This track is complimented with a music video and takes a visual peer into the feelings that C-Money Baby is twisted up in.

Although C-Money Baby’s vocal cadence expresses true vulnerability and emotional connection to his music, his lyrical honesty invites listeners into his journey of self-reflection. In Rest In Peace, we get the punchy and somewhat humorous lyrics, “So many demons on my back, I swear we need an exorcist”.  Whereas in One Talk, a truth bomb offers revelations about both anxiety and oblivion through the lyrics, “I’m die knowing things that nobody knows about me”. He breaks down his own emotional walls by facing those confronting thoughts head-on, and turning them into addictive, melodic tracks.

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C-Money Baby has made an impactful mark by collaborating and working with the likes of Mozzy, Mac Miller, Caskey, and his opportunity to share the stage with Kevin Gates. Recently reaching over 2 million streams on YouTube, C-Money Baby’s only priority is to make his dream come true as an artist who shares his story with the world and that’s pretty inspiring!

Check out the full album here, you’re in for a treat!