Happy Mag’s music study survey results: love over money

With a focus on Music, we asked our readers to tell us about their creative goals, and aspirations in an education survey, and the results are inspiring to say the least.

The stats are in from our music education survey, and they are refreshingly insightful. It seems that the majority of us agree, that we all want to work for the love and not the money.

Whether you have a passion for learning music production, a leaning for music videos, or a penchant for band photography, or design, taking things to the next level has never been so appealing, or desired.  

We asked whether or not study was on the agenda and if our readers were happy with their current skill set, and if they figured up skilling was something worth thinking about. Turns out it is, with 52.9% agreeing that upskilling is something they give a lot of thought to. 

music poll

We asked if you have ever put off learning a new skill in the music industry, and we got an overwhelming response of 88.2% that cited an interest in learning something new. One thing is clear, there is always more to learn. 

We asked if you were to upskill in the creative arts, what would you study? Given that music and design are inherently connected, its no surprise that Design took the floor as the most popular area of interest, which led the way with 35.3% and 11.8 % interested in Music Writing and Photography. Music, Sound Production & Audio Engineering, Radio and Podcasting, Directing, and Video Production followed at 5.9%. 

With all of this information at hand, isn’t it nice to know that you are not alone in your professional music goals?

With an incredible range of educational facilities to be found locally, or online, the next step of choosing which educational facility that suits your aspirations, and your budget, is at your fingertips. 

There we have it, Happy Mags Music Educational Survey shows that upskilling and pursuing your musical interests, creatively, personally or professionally is where it’s at, making a creative life but a class away.