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Outrunning Heartbreak: We get in the journey behind Christian Adjeisa’s ‘RUNNING

Christian Adjeisa swung by Happy Mag to chat about his latest track, ‘RUNNING’, a cathartic journey through love and heartbreak. 

Christian delved into the inspiration behind ‘RUNNING’, describing it as his attempt to outrun the painful memories of a failed relationship, which he does with great feeling, optimism and depth.

The accompanying music video, shot in the far west New South Wales on Ngemba Country, adds another layer to the song’s emotional depth.

Directed by Frederick McHenry, it beautifully captures the vulnerability and resilience of the human spirit post-heartbreak.

With previous success on platforms like triple j Unearthed and FBi Radio, Christian’s talent is gaining recognition within the Australian music scene.

‘RUNNING’ is another step forward for him, showcasing his ability to turn personal struggles into relatable tunes.

Watch the interview above, and join us in our newfound appreciation for his authenticity and storytelling.

‘RUNNING’ isn’t just a song; it’s a testament to Christian Adjeisa’s artistry and his willingness to share his journey with the world.

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Cheers to tixel for making this interview possible.