clxoe interview with happy mag

We Talk ‘Shiny New Thing’ with independent pop artist and all round sweetheart CXLOE

Australian pop sweetheart CXLOE dropped by Happy Mag to chat about her debut album, Shiny New Thing, which landed fresh on May 17.

The album delivers an explorative journey through identity, proving that artists can be multifaceted without losing their authenticity.

Each track is meticulously crafted to showcase CXLOE’s dynamic range and vision, solidifying her spot as one of Australia’s hottest musical talents.

Mixing pop and electronica, the album highlights CXLOE’s knack for creating deeply resonant songs. Her recent singles, “Till The Wheels Fall Off” and “Cheating on Myself,” have already seen major success, with the former hitting #1 on Triple J and the latter peaking at #5.

With an eye for working with top-tier writers and producers, Ross Golan and Andrew Wells juts to name two, CXLOE has been honing her craft between Sydney and LA, and built a solid fan base along the way.

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Cheers to tixel for making this interview possible.