CXLOE shares new single ‘No Service’, announces album ‘Shiny New Thing’

CXLOE has previewed her just-announced upcoming album with the propulsive new single No Service.  

CXLOE has today (February 23) released No Service, the latest single lifted from her just-announced upcoming album Shiny New Thing.

A blend of pop and electronica, the single is carried by glitchy beats and atmospheric production, and sees the Australian singer-songwriter reflect on keeping things in order even amid life’s uncertainty. 

CXLOE single 'No Service'


The song was written in response to CXLOE’s recent relocation to Los Angeles, a time in which she saysI wrote this song about my experience when I first moved to LA, a time where I so desperately wanted to have a handle on things as everything around me was in flux.

I was completely thrown off balance by everyday intricacies such as work life balance, down to the mundane weather patterns. Sonically, I aimed for the song to feel unstructured, similar to spinning wildly in search of a rhythm or something substantial to grasp.

Despite being a dedicated introvert, this move exacerbated my difficulty in comfortably ‘hanging out’ in conventional settings. The lyrics, “I can’t hang out, I’m floored inside, and I’m building a case against my life with white knuckles on a stationary bike,” come closest to encapsulating this feeling. In those moments, going off the grid, both literally and figuratively, seemed like the safest haven.”

CXLOE single 'No Service'
Credit : Whitney Otte

Later, propulsive rhythms and glittering synths provide that soundscape for earworm hooks and an ascendent chorus.

No Service follows a string of singles released by CXLOE over the last few months, including Chloe Enough! in January and Till The Wheels Fall Off and Cheating on Myself late last year. 

No Service is lifted from CXLOE’s just-announced album, Shiny New Thing, which is set for release on May 17.


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The project is said to be an exploration of identity and an embracement of being multifaceted, showcasing CXLOE’s versatility and range. It will mark CXLOE’s first major release since the EP Heavy, Pt. 1, which arrived in 2020. 

Speaking of her ideas of what a successful music career looks like in an interview with Happy Mag, CXLOE said: “I always thought success was to be played on the radio or to be signed by a major label.”

She continued: “This couldn’t be further than what success is to me right now. Success to me is being happy. Finding that balance.”   ​​

Listen to CXLOE’s new single No Service below.