Listen to Mason Dane’s new tropical-pop single ‘Falling’

Mason Dane returns with Falling, a tropical pop sizzler that marks the Newcastle wunderkind’s latest single. 

Mason Dane has today (February 23) shared his new single, a tropical-pop track titled Falling. The song was produced by Jakey Krumm, and sees Dane further explore his dark-pop origins with a flair for housey tropics.

Lyrically, the Newcastle singer-songwriter and producer reflects on the breakdown of a relationship that made it feel as though he would “fall at any moment,” Dane explained in a press statement.  

mason dane new single

“You hyperbolise things so much in your head that you honestly feel like you’re hanging on the edge of a cliff ready to fall at any moment.”

Dane revealed that Falling was originally an EDM track, “but we just loved the afro-pop vibe that we switched it over the next day.” The single is carried by Dane’s ever-buttery vocals and the infectious island rhythms.

“I still feel the distance when you’re near,” Dane croons alongside airy harmonies and guitar strings, “feels like you’re miles away when you’re lying right here.” 

Falling adds to a string of singles released by Dane of late, with Project X and DOUBLE STANDARDS each arriving in the latter half of last year.

Elsewhere, the singer made a surprise appearance alongside T-Pain at the Sydney edition of JuicyFest last month, and took on a six-week stint as the host of triple j’s Hip Hop Show. 

Since beginning his music career in a makeshift studio in the back of his parents’ caravan, Dane has gone on to collaborate with a starry list of musicians including Manu Crooks, Hooligan Hefs and Day1, as well as serving as the opening act for fellow hip hop artist Yung Gravy.

Dane achieved breakout success with 2021’s DASH, and has more recently shared the 2023 singles ONLY YOU, PISCES and YOUR’E MINE, among others. Last year, Dane was one of the artists to perform at Justin Bieber’s Halloween party.

Listen to Mason Dane’s new single Falling below.