Manu Crooks chats ‘Mood Forever II’, tequila, and 2021 plans

“I’m excited for people to hear the evolution of the music”: Manu Crooks teases his next project and lets us behind the veil of what Mood Forever means to him.

Manu Crooks has been a mainstay of Australian hip hop since breaking into the scene in 2016 – it wasn’t long at all before his debut project Mood Forever began making waves. Nowadays his output is stronger than ever, his latest single Tops turning heads on every new listen.

Right as the year turned, we caught up with Manu Crooks for the latest. Tequila, collabs, and the potential of Mood Forever II were on the menu.

HAPPY: Hey Manu, thanks for taking the time. What are you up to at the moment?

MANU CROOKS: Chilling spending time with family over the xmas holidays.

HAPPY: How did you and BLESSED first hook up?

MANU CROOKS: We’ve been mates since we were youngins and have worked together all the time, we were in the studio with Chandler for this one and it was a vibe.

HAPPY: The video for Top is sick. What was it like working with Maddy and how did it all come together?

MANU CROOKS: It was a smooth couple of days filming for Top with Maddy and Miller, we wanted to create a visual piece that matches the energy of the song and I think we’ve accomplished that.

HAPPY: You recently collaborated on a cocktail and a bucket hat with 1800 Tequila. Have you always been a tequila fan?

MANU CROOKS: I’m a fan of having a good time and 1800 Tequila goes hand to hand.

HAPPY: And tell us about putting the hat together, was this your first time designing clothing? Why a bucket hat?

MANU CROOKS: Started with an idea that was brought forward by 1800 and we took that and made it fit with the Mood Forever brand, explained what we stood for/about and 1800 really digged the idea which made the process seamless and visions aligned. Chose to do a bucket hat for this collab as it was fitting and we were approaching summer when we first got into talks. I have designed merch before so wasn’t the first time but was dope working with their design team and getting this product together.

HAPPY: Tell us about ‘Mood Forever’, what does it mean to you? Beyond being an EP title.

MANU CROOKS: It’s a lifestyle, it’s a way of living, it’s pushing things to the limit, there are certain times in life you are just ready to go get it, or you are happy, you are in the mood you want to be in. It’s about provoking emotion, Black excellence. Mood Forever is about aspiring to always be in the mood you want to be in.

HAPPY: Is Mood Forever II still on the cards?

MANU CROOKS: For sure, I’m excited for people to hear the evolution of the music.

HAPPY: Overall 2020 seems to have been pretty productive to you, despite everything. What lessons are you taking from last year into this one?

MANU CROOKS: You can’t control everything, and you need to take it as it comes I guess, and drink more tequila!


Manu Crooks’ latest single Top is out now, stream it here. Browse Manu Crooks’ Essential Artists collaboration with 1800 Tequila here.