Elfy Scott

Elfy Scott challenges the status quo and ignites a necessary conversation about complex mental health conditions in Australia

Elfy Scott is all for bringing about transparency through education and personal stories, to make complex mental health issues accessible.

Schizophrenia is a complex condition that can impact different people in different ways, and to shift the conversation towards compassion and understanding, rather than labelling and stereotypes, Elfy has jumped in the deep end to have an open dialogue about what it is and what it’s not.

Elfy got her start as a science reporter at BuzzFeed News Australia and has since had her work published in well-known outlets like The Guardian, The Saturday Paper, Junkee, and VICE. The co-host of two popular podcasts, Left Right Out, a political podcast exclusive to Spotify, and The Green Canary, a weekly environmental news show, Elfy finds joy in breaking down complex issues and making them accessible to the masses, a trait that is earning her accolades and a following.

Elfy’s mother suffered from schizophrenia, a complex mental health condition often neglected in the public discourse. Growing up, Elfy saw firsthand the consequences of the silence surrounding her mother’s condition and the shortcomings of Australia’s mental healthcare system.

In “The One Thing We’ve Never Spoken About” Elfy exposes the brutal realities faced by those with complex mental health conditions and the people who care for them. Starting a conversation that has been sorely needed, Elfy’s reportage is raw, exposing the failures of our emergency services, public discourse, and healthcare systems. But it’s also a work of compassion, featuring the stories of those who live with these conditions and work tirelessly to support others.

Through her personal narrative and investigative journalism, Elfy tackles taboos and demands change, asking tough questions about accountability, justice, and care. This book is a rallying cry for action, challenging the status quo and igniting a necessary conversation about mental health in Australia.

“The One Thing We’ve Never Spoken About” is out now through Pantera Press.

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