elle shimada

Welcome to our chat with Elle Shimada, the prodigious violinist, producer, curator, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist.

Elle is making waves in the music industry with her genre-bending sonic odyssey and her latest release, “ABOUT BLANK ____.” Collaborating with the extraordinary vocalist, Rara Zulu, Elle fearlessly explores the depths of sound and emotion in this groundbreaking album.

Originally from Tokyo and now based in Melbourne, Elle Shimada brings a fusion of Drum n Bass, Jazz, and electronic textured soundscapes to her music. “ABOUT BLANK ____” offers an unparalleled and captivating sonic experience that takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey.

But Elle’s talents don’t stop at music. She recently directed, edited, and produced a short film for her single, showcasing her artistic vision. Shot entirely on an iPhone, the film is set to drop on the 26th of this month, adding yet another layer of creativity to Elle’s repertoire.

Elle Shimada has already gained recognition for her performances, including a captivating show at Sydney’s Vivid where she supported her heroes, Madlib, among others. In our conversation, Elle discusses her experiences, from losing her beloved violin to humidity in Bali to the birth of her more experimental sound. Her passion for cinematic scores and emotive feels is evident in her previous single, “Mononoke,” which was inspired by the film.

Join us as we delve into the artistic world of Elle Shimada, where boundaries are shattered, emotions are embraced, and the power of music is unleashed.