With a focus on strength and empowerment, Henka is a commanding presence in the world of Dark synth.

Cat Pereira’s latest solo project, Henka, is a force to be reckoned with. This UK artist’s sound is a potent mix of alternative and synth-wave, blending the power of Nine Inch Nails with the creativity of Bjork and the attitude of Halsey. The result is a dynamic, accessible sound that’s sure to impress.

But what sets Henka apart is not just her music, but her stage presence as well. Inspired by martial arts, she brings a fierce, empowering energy to her performances, combining strength with vulnerability in a way that captivates audiences. And, of course, there’s the samurai sword – because what’s a dark synth solo project without a little edge?

In an interview with Happy, Henka explains that visuals are a crucial part of her creative process. For every song she writes, there’s a corresponding visual component – sometimes even before the song itself. And it’s not hard to see why: Henka’s music is cinematic in scope, with influences ranging from Blade Runner to Kill Bill.

So what’s next for this rising star? More music, of course – and if her first two singles are any indication, we’re in for something truly special. With a focus on growth and consistency, Henka is poised to take the music world by storm. Keep your eyes (and ears) peeled.

Happy: Your new single Fading Out was accompanied by a killer official music video. How important are the visuals to your sonic vision, when conceiving of a song?

Henka: Oh super important! For every song I create, there’s a visual component. Sometimes it comes before the actual song itself. I think of certain imagery that I would like to create and start thinking of beats and melodies that would go along with it. Like writing for film!

Music and visuals always go together. They’re great components by themselves, but matched together, it’s a powerful concoction.

Happy: How did you come up with your stage name Henka?

Henka: I wanted to create a fresh entity for this project. I wanted it to signify a fresh start and a new beginning. ‘Henka’ means ‘change’ in Japanese so I thought it was perfect!

Happy: Are there any books or films you consider important for your work in music?

Henka: My inspirations come a lot from film soundtracks, I focus a lot on the compositions, the dynamics, orchestration etc… Blade Runner and Kill Bill were huge inspirations for ‘Fading Out’, due to the striking imagery. Every release I have I want it to tell a story and make it exciting for the viewer.

Happy: What does a typical day consist of when recording a track like Fading Out?

Henka: I meet up with my producer Jon, and get a hot drink going. Coffee with oat milk and 3 sugars for me haha. I come in with a melody or beat idea, or some lyrics I wrote that need to be brought to life, and we go from there! The ideas start flowing through some improvisation and a song is born!

Happy: Your music has been described as genre-bending. How do you decide which sound/genre you want to dip into when creating a song?

Henka: I never thought of my sound as gender-bending, but it’s quite cool that it’s thought that way! My influence has always been rock and metal so I guess I still lean a lot of my music into it. I focus on what I’d like people to feel when they listen to each song, and we go with it.


Happy: Who are some of your musician inspirations, and how exactly do they influence your work?

Henka: Bjork has been one of my main influences. She defies the limits to songwriting and always brings something so original to the table. That inspires me to explore my sound. Like I mentioned, Rock and metal music are such a huge part of my life so artists such as Linkin Park, While She Sleeps, and Bring Me The Horizon play a part in my compositions. It’s that heavy impact and raw emotion that inspires me.

Happy: How do you come up with specific ideas for a song?

Henka: It usually comes from listening to other songs, picking on each section. Usually the thought of ‘Oh this sounds cool’ comes up and I just go along with it. Sometimes a melody idea comes up and I voice note it on my phone so I remember it for later. But it also comes from visuals, like certain scenes I’d like to incorporate into my music videos.

Happy: Are there any side hustles you juggle alongside your music career?

Henka: I have been juggling some film jobs at the moment being a SPACT (Special action) artist. That involves a lot of training in martial arts, weapons, and stunt work so been focusing a lot on that!

Happy: With two singles under your belt, you’re still relatively green to the music industry. 

Henka: What are some goals you hope to achieve within the initial stage of your music career?

Henka: As any new artist, my goal is to grow my presence online and develop my fanbase. The support has been so good so far so consistency will be key on this journey.

Happy: What’s on the horizon for Henka? Any teases of upcoming projects?

Henka: More music is incoming! So keep your eyes peeled!