K.Flay interview with happy mag

The charismatic, & mega talented K.Flay swung into Happy mag for a candid chat about the musical rebirth that gave life to MONO

K.Flay, the LA-based singer-songwriter known for her infectious energy and Grammy-nominated talent, is embracing new experiences and sharing her latest musical chapter with the world.

In a recent interview with Happy Mag, she discussed the joys of hitting the road, the vulnerability behind her new album “MONO,” and the exciting collaborations that fueled its creation.

Featuring captivating, unmanipulated artwork that reflects the personal narratives woven into its sound, “MONO” is a deeply personal album inspired by K.Flay’s sudden deafness in one ear.

The title evokes a sense of isolation and a fresh perspective, like a surprising magic trick, offering fans a glimpse into her emotions and experiences.

Previously a hidden gem on the physical release, “Carsick” is now available digitally, showcasing the album’s depth and K.Flay’s evolving sound. This marks her fifth album, solidifying her multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated status.

k.flay interview

As her first release with Giant Music and following her unexpected deafness, it signifies a new chapter in her ever-evolving musical journey.

While the creative process can be solitary, K.Flay opens up about how collaborating with producer Paul Meany bridged that gap, leading to a sense of artistic rebirth. Their collaboration brought fresh energy and helped explore new sonic territories.

With her trademark strength, honesty, and passion, K.Flay leaves listeners eager to experience “MONO” live on her upcoming U.S. tour. She promises a transformed energy on stage, showcasing the impact of her experiences and artistic evolution.

Don’t miss out on this chance to witness her artistic and personal journey unfold in real-time and soak up the electrifying energy of her transformed sound. Heads up though – K.Flays tour is nearly all but SOLD OUT.

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