New Music Friday – New releases from Goat Girl, serpentwithfeet, and Big Scary

Welcome to New Music Friday, where we spotlight ten incredible artists from Australia and across the globe

Welcome to New Music Friday, where we shine a spotlight on ten amazing artists, bringing you the best tunes from Australia and around the world!

To kick off,  we join Goat Girl’s trip into outsiderdom with  “ride around,” followed by the Grammy-nominated serpentwithfeet, sharing his introspective album “GRIP” and the dynamic debut LP “Wing” from Big Scary.

big scary

But that’s not all – we’re also diving into the creative worlds of Kim Gordon, Royal Otis, Alfie Templeman, and more.

So, whether you’re in the mood for a drop of introspection or an upbeat tune, Happy mags New Music Friday has you covered.

Goat Girl – Ride Around

Get ready for Goat Girl’s new album, “Below The Waste,” featuring the lead track ‘ride around.’ Influenced by Phillip Glass and Deerhoof, the song navigates tension and resolution dynamics. Lottie, the singer, spills the beans on her inspiration, revealing a yearning for honesty and authenticity in relationships, especially during these isolated times. The track peels away societal etiquettes, uncovering suppressed layers of ourselves.

And that’s not all – the accompanying video, directed by Luke Kulukundis and Mateo Villanueva Brandt of Foreign Body Productions, is a trip into outsiderdom. It explores the paradoxical nature of connection in a mundane, capitalist city, bringing to life the claustrophobia and absurd mundanity that comes with it.

serpentwithfeet – GRIP

Grammy-nominated serpentwithfeet drops GRIP, his latest album, featuring the single ‘Ellipsis (feat. Orion Sun)’, out digitally now and physically on March 29th via Secretly Canadian. ‘Ellipsis,’ produced by ThankGod4Cody, is a poignant collaboration with Orion Sun, capturing the intimacy and vulnerability of GRIP, exploring the yearning for love and the struggle to express it.

GRIP marks a new era for serpent, showcasing poise and tenacity, delving into the depths of romantic intimacy and celebrating Black queer nightlife. serpent’s return solidifies him as one of today’s most compelling artists, revered by the likes of Björk, Moby, Baby Keem, and more. The release follows serpent’s acclaimed production, Heart of Brick, a dance theater piece depicting a moving love story in a Black gay club, featuring unique performances and music from GRIP.

Big Scary – Wing

Big Scary just dropped their 6th LP, “Wing,” and the focus single ‘What It’s All About’ is a total vibe! Tom Iansek’s vocals weave through synth chords, chatting about life’s mysterious twists. The album keeps exploring love and relationships, but now with a touch of cynicism, diving into the gap between expectations and reality. Tom and Jo revamped their collaboration during a break, making it more equal and creative.

The sound? Think synths, electric guitar riffs, and “vibe-sparkles” that’ll make you groove. They’re currently in different spots but promise future vinyl releases and live dates.

Kim Gordon – I’m a Man

Kim Gordon, the iconic musician and visual artist, just dropped ‘I’m a Man,’ a sneak peek from her upcoming solo album, The Collective, set to release on March 8th via Matador.  Over a dark, churning soundscape, Gordon dives into discrimination, gender norms, and societal constraints with her signature style, urging listeners to ponder the world around them.

The accompanying video, directed by filmmaker Alex Ross Perry (known for Listen Up Philip and Her Smell), features Coco Gordon Moore and Conor Fay, enhancing the evocative vibe of the track. Get ready to immerse yourself in Kim Gordon’s thought-provoking world on March 8th!

Royel Otis – PRATTS & PAIN

Sydney’s dynamic duo and 2023 ARIA Award Nominees, Royel Otis, drop their highly anticipated debut album, PRATTS & PAIN, today via OURNESS. Celebrating with sold-out shows at Liberty Hall in Sydney, they kick off their biggest headline tour, hitting multiple stops across Australia. Produced by Grammy winner Dan Carey (Wet Leg), the album, named after a South London pub, blends 13 tracks of melodic, pop-inspired indie and woozy psych.

Royel Otis, known for their eclectic style, navigate through psychedelic weirdness and dissonant noise, keeping listeners on their toes. Following two EPs that skyrocketed their global presence, PRATTS & PAIN marks a new chapter of limitless adventures for Pavlovic and Maddell.

Alfie Templeman

Multi-talented Alfie Templeman just dropped his bold new acid-trip pop track, ‘Eyes Wide Shut.’ Debuted as BBC Radio 1’s “Hottest Record,” the song channels the energy of Peter Gabriel and Beck, with a playful guitar snaking across the verses and an undercurrent of tension. The lyricism, derived from snippets of Templeman’s morning thoughts and moments of anxiety, marks a vulnerable step forward in his journey as a songwriter. 

‘Eyes Wide Shut’ showcases a supremely confident and groovy side of Templeman as he continues to find his unique groove. 

Forest Claudette- Kobe Beef

We get pretty excited about any new music that Forest Claudette drops, case in point: This ARIA Award-winning artist Forest Claudette delivers a deeply personal and addictive track ‘Kobe Beef’ today, celebrating their truth and gender identity. Soulful and joyous, the track features cheeky lyrics like “Why the heck you bringing up my Kobe beef,” showcasing Forest’s unique charm.

The accompanying video, directed by Quinn Cavin, takes fans on a journey through various locales, capturing Forest’s uninhibited charm and chameleon-like fashion transitions.

This marks Forest’s first song about being nonbinary, a powerful and stunning anthem exploring self-discovery and the importance of reclaiming one’s power with complete honesty.

Dugong Jr – Babylon

Naarm-based producer Dugong Jr, renowned for his genre-blending style, collaborates with Naarm singer-songwriter Quiet Blue on ‘Babylon,’ his debut with Sweat It Out. Blurring hip-hop and house, the track showcases Dugong Jr’s inventive soulful beats, merging a breakbeat with Quiet Blue’s emotive lyricism.

Themed around fading love and self-reflection, it marks a significant collaboration poised for success in 2024. Drawing from Chinese-Australian heritage and electronic influences, Dugong Jr’s work has gained acclaim from BBC Radio 1 and Complex UK. With a series of hits and recent support for Chromeo, he’s set to shine at Mordi Festival in Victoria on March 2nd.

Heartbeatz – Heavyweight

Melbourne-based artist William Drummond, the creative force behind Heartbeatz and British India bassist, follows up the impactful debut ‘Sweeping Up My Shadow’ with a lyrical journey in ‘Heavyweight.’

The single vividly portrays Melbourne’s pub scene, capturing the chaos, friendships, and occasional beauty of hospo life. Drummond’s ode to hospitality explores unbreakable friendships, hot-blooded heartbreak, and the cyclical nature of nights in the city.

Teaming up with producer Michael Belsar and drummer Matt O’Gorman, Heartbeatz brings the story to life, building toward goosebump-inducing choruses with rhythmic precision. ‘Heavyweight’ is a compelling preview of Heartbeatz’s debut album ‘Memory::Loss,’ set to release on March 22nd.

monk seals – Feel For You

New Zealand rockers Monk Seals have dropping their fresh single ‘Feel For You.’ Produced by Kabyn Walley & Jack Lanham at Moonbase Studios, this energetic track brings back the long-lost essence of rock & roll. With a tight groove, killer vocals, and slick slide guitar licks, it’s the perfect jam to crack a cold one with your mates.

Despite its easy-listening vibe, the lyrics dive deep into the struggles we all face, tackling topics like shame and reassuring everyone that we’re in this together.

And don’t miss their debut EP, ‘Monk Seals,’ packed with groovy bass lines and catchy hooks that explain why their shows are always sold out!

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