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NITH Prize Reveal: Neumann promises mics and headphones for first and second place

Microphone masters Neumann have trawled through their renowned range to select to prizes for this year’s NITH winner and runner up. 

We’re smack bang in the thick of Needle In The Hay season, which means the prizing partners for this year’s edition have revealed what goodies are in store for lucky winners.

On top of the coveted title of emerging the victor of Needle In The Hay, this year’s winner will also score a special something from our friends over at Neumann. 

For those unaware (unlikely if you’re a muso), Neumann is a renowned microphone company synonymous with perfect sound, pioneering innovation and uncompromising quality.

Of course, that description alone might be the stuff of a musician’s dreams, but it might just become a reality for our NITH entrants, who can get their hands on some killer Neumann signatures. 

This year, Neumann is offering a free pair of NDH30 studio reference headphones for the runner up of Needle In The Hay.

Neumann NDH 30 headphones

Considered the crown jewel of Neumann’s already stellar headphone lineup, the NDH30 reveals your audio in ways you’ve never heard before, complete with comfy ear cups, detachable cables for on-the-go adventures. 

These open-back gems are perfect for both established musos and simple music fans, whether you’re exploring the depths of your own new song or searching for deep cuts of your favourite band.

So brilliant are the NDH30 headphones that you might assume their the first place prize, but this year’s NITH winner will score something even more precious. Neumann will give the 2024 NITH winner their Special Edition TLM 103 Microphone.


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Yep, you read that right — the microphone masters are offering up one of their most beloved items, known for its perfect suitability for vocals and audio in crisp high definition.

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