As the Needle in the Hay comp amps up, we’re stoked to highlight one of our prize collaborators: Neumann

Needle In The Hay proudly presents prize partner Neumann, the legends behind Kurt Cobain’s fav mic, the U87

Whether you’re a die-hard audio fan or just someone with a finely tuned ear for music, Neumann is your ticket to turning your music dreams into reality.

While Neumann are famous for their mics, they also deliver precision and purity with everything they put their hands on. No frills, just German genius capturing the raw essence of your sound.

Neumann NDH 30 headphones

And this year, we are lucky to have the NDH 30 studio headphones as a prize for our annual comp – the crown jewel in Neumann’s headphone lineup. Crafted for the discerning listener, these open-back gems reveal your audio in ways you’ve never heard before.

Imagine a vast soundstage where every nuance dances in its own space, and a crisp transient response that lets you practically feel the pick hitting the string.

Add in comfy ear cups, detachable cables for on-the-go adventures, and a build that’s ready for years of sonic exploration – welcome to headphone paradise.

There is more to the NDH 30 than meets the eye – they aren’t just for studio pros – these bad boys are the perfect companions for music lovers chasing the ultimate listening experience.

Whether you’re rediscovering the hidden depths of your favorite classics or diving into the intricate layers of your own creations, the NDH 30s will take your audio journey to new heights.

So, Needle In The Hay contenders, keep chasing that sonic needle! With Neumann by your side, you’ve got the tools to bring your musical vision to life. Who knows, you might be the lucky one rocking those NDH 30s center stage at the grand finale!

Check out the Neumann universe here, and submit your track for Needle In The Hay here