WATCH: Kim Gordon’s poetical distorted new single ‘Bye Bye’

Musician and visual artist Kim Gordon is gearing up to drop her second solo album, ‘The Collective.’

Kim Gordon isn’t interested in nostalgia trips, while her signature Sonic Youth guitar tone and Patti Smith-style delivery are still present, the album goes beyond the familiar, delivering an abrasive and disorienting experience that finds power in discomfort.

The lead track, ‘BYE BYE,’ gives a strong preview of the album, featuring a haunting bassline and a mysterious packing list. The accompanying video, directed by Clara Balzary with cinematography by Christopher Blauvelt and starring Coco Gordon Moore, adds a visually striking layer to Gordon’s artistic vision.

Following her debut solo effort, ‘No Home Record,’ Gordon explores new territories in ‘The Collective,’ described by artist Josephine Pryde as a departure into unknown spaces.

The opening track, ‘BYE BYE,’ sets the tone with a departure manifesto, featuring items like milk thistle and a dog sitter, creating an anxious atmosphere that reflects the album’s theme of departure and change.

Recorded in Los Angeles, “The Collective” builds on Gordon’s collaboration with producer Justin Raisen, known for his work with various artists. Raisen’s damaged dub and trap constructions provide an intriguing contrast to Gordon’s word collages and catchy mantras, resulting in a dynamic sonic experience exploring communication, commercial sublimation, and sensory overload.

“The Collective” is expected to be a significant addition to her career, pushing the boundaries of music and art, of which, Kim Gordon’s exhibition Object Of Projection and Proposal For A Dance is set to be showcased at ΩHM 2024, Brisbane Powerhouses Festival of Other Music.

Check out the exhibition details below.


Object Of Projection: During opening hours, 28 Feb – 21 Apr (Free Entry)

Proposal For A Dance: 5pm, Sat 9 Mar 2024 | Powerhouse Theatre (Free Entry)

“The Collective,” scheduled for March 8th on Matador / Remote Control Records.