The guitar is going to melt every part of your being – ‘A Love International’ is Khruangbin at their purest

Four years after their last LP, Khruangbin reemerges with “A LA SALA,” a 12-track odyssey that traverses musical genres you didn’t know existed.

Khruangbin is back with news of their fourth album, and they’re kicking off the announcement with the lead single, “A Love International.”

The track gives us a taste of what’s to come, blending American roots, psychedelic swirls, and ambient textures into a sound that’s both familiar and refreshingly unique.

Known for their genre-defying approach, Khruangbin has been steadily building a dedicated fanbase.

Recently added to the 2024 Bonnaroo and Boston Calling lineups, the band continues to make waves across genres, earning props from the likes of Questlove, Flea, Tina Weymouth, and David Byrne.

Their tunes have also found homes in TV shows, movies, and major ads, making them a household name.

“A LA SALA” is a product of Khruangbin’s offbeat creative process.

The 12 songs on the album were pieced together from random recordings made during sound-checks, travels, and spur-of-the-moment ideas.

The result is a down-to-earth collection that reflects the band’s diverse influences.

The album takes you on a journey, from mid-tempo tracks like ‘Three From Two’ and ‘May Ninth,’ blending American roots with Bakersfield and riverside vibes, to ambient soundscapes in ‘Farolim de Felgueiras’ and ‘Caja de la Sala.’

Natural and man-made sounds add depth to the album, creating a connected experience.

“A LA SALA” wraps up with ‘Les Petits Gris,’ a stripped-down piece signaling a transition to what’s next. The vinyl editions boast seven different covers designed by the band, featuring Marko’s travelog photos inspired by René Magritte’s surrealism. David Black’s images accompanying the album play on the theme of observation, capturing the band as both observers and the observed.

In a nutshell, “A LA SALA” captures Khruangbin doing what they do best—looking back, looking out, and getting ready for what comes next in their musical journey.

“A LA SALA,” slated for release on April 5th via Dead Oceans in partnership with Night Time Stories Ltd. Preorder here.