New Music Friday – New releases from The Dead South to Faye Webster

Welcome to New Music Friday, where we spotlight ten incredible artists from Australia and across the globe

Kicking off Happy’s New Music Friday is The Dead South, who have dropped their haunting fourth album, “Chains & Stakes.” Faye Webster’s “Feeling Good Today” adds a vocoder twist, while Melbourne’s Split System brings it with “Vol. 2.”

Little Simz pulls the carpet out from under us with the concise “Drop 7,” showcasing her lyrical evolution. 18-year-old d4vd delivers the hella sweet two-track “Withering.”

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Credit:Michael Tyrone Delaney

Maggie Rogers teases her third album, “Don’t Forget Me,” promising a nostalgic journey. Sydney’s Velvet Trip celebrates their debut “Harmony Blooms” with a transformative East Coast tour.

Australia’s indie-rock darlings, The Rubens, bring the summer anthem ‘Liquid Gold.’ ARIA Hall of Fame legends, Crowded House, make a spirited comeback with ‘Oh Hi,’ reflecting their enduring influence. Join us as we explore the vibrant sounds shaping the global music scene this week!

The Dead South – Chains & Stakes

Our favourite Canadian bluegrass band, The Dead South, delivers their fourth album, “Chains & Stakes.” Brimming with ghost stories, love, loss, and deception, it reinforces their storytelling prowess and global standing.

Warm harmonies, bright guitar, and banjo melodies weave through the album, conjuring scenes of small-town mysteries, mischievous lovers, and weathered cantinas. “Blood On The Mind” and “Father John” send shivers with their eerie tales, while “Son Of Ambrose” offers a tender contrast, celebrating life and family.

“The Cured Contessa” injects lightheartedness, while instrumentals like “Where Has The Time Gone” act as sonic palate cleansers. Recorded in Mexico City and co-produced by a Grammy winner, the album exudes craftsmanship.

Celebrate with them! The Dead South are gearing up to embark on an Australian and New Zealand tour, with shows already selling fast. Tickets here.


March 20th Metropolis Fremantle Perth (SOLD OUT)
March 21st Hindley Street Music Hall Adelaide
March 23rd Forum Melbourne Melbourne (SOLD OUT)
March 24th Forum Melbourne Melbourne (SOLD OUT)
March 26th Fortitude Music Hall Brisbane
March 29th Byron Bay Bluesfest Tyagarah
April 2nd Enmore Theatre Sydney
April 3rd Enmore Theatre Sydney
April 5th Powerstation Auckland (SOLD OUT)
April 6th San Fran Wellington (SOLD OUT)
April 7th San Fran Wellington (SOLD OUT)


Faye Webster – Feeling good Today

Faye Webster has unveiled ‘Feeling Good Today,’ a standout track from her upcoming album Underdressed at the Symphony.

The use of vocoder in this album brings a new dimension, distorting the timeless melody as she joyfully sings about the rarity of good days.

Accompanying the release is a video shot by Pooneh Ghana, featuring TikTok/YouTube star Lili Hayes wearing a latex Faye Webster mask – check it out here.

This follows the announcement of Faye Webster’s album, set for release on March 1 via Secretly Canadian, and the earlier release of ‘Lego Ring (ft. Lil Yachty).’

Faye Webster is gearing up for a tour across Europe and North America this Spring and Summer, with appearances at festivals like Primavera, Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Governors Ball.

Her genre-defying music, incorporating pedal steel, indie rock, soft vocals, and R&B sensibilities, continues to carve its own path beautiful path.


Split System – Vol 2

Melbourne rockers Split System stole our hearts with their single release “Alone Again” last July, now the band returns with their sophomore album, “Vol. 2,” following their standout 2022 debut.

Out today via Legless (Australia), Goner Records (US), and Drunken Sailor Records (UK/EU), “Vol 2” was recorded and mixed in early 2023 at Rolling Stock Studios with Andrew Robinson.

Building on their street punk foundation, Splitties deliver hooks and rawness that not only establishes them as a must-see live act, but  a band that is serving up a solid reputation with their sound and songwriting skills, evidenced by the mid-tempo “Alone Again” and moody “The Drain.”

Classic 70s oz punk shines in “Temporary Freeze” and “Dave,” while “Hold It” channels Royal Headache’s fast-paced energy.

An evolution on the “back to basics” rock revival, Split System prioritise substance over style. You won’t find them posing in trendy bars; they’re more likely holding down the front row with a bloody nose, and man, we are here for it, and then some.

Little Simz – Drop 7

Little Simz has consistently delivered concise and impactful projects, with “Drop 7” following the success of “Drop 6” and marking a decade since the release of “Drop 1” in 2014.

This little surprise 7-track EP demonstrates Simz’s evolution, seamlessly blending her introspective lyricism with experimental, club-oriented beats provided by renowned producer Jakwob.

Simz’s 2021 Mercury Music Prize-winning album, “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert,” solidified her position in the music scene, reaching the top 5 of the Official Album chart. In 2022, she surprised fans with the release of “NO THANK YOU,” showcasing her honesty and propulsive sound. The rapper expanded her repertoire in 2023, making waves as an acclaimed actor in the final series of Netflix’s “Top Boy” and delivering captivating live shows across the UK, Europe, and the US.

d4vd – Withering

18-year-old phenomenon d4vd drops “Withering,” a two-track single showcasing his jaw dropping versatility. “Leave Her” blends upbeat vibes with wistful lyrics, reflecting on the glamorisation of relationships. Guitars and rock-inspired drums paint a poignant picture of unrequited love.

“2016” delves deeper into pop-rock territory, channeling nostalgia for simpler times. D4vd contemplates his growth and past self with powerful electric guitar hooks and lyrics like “I’m not the same kid I was in 2016.”

He explains “Leave Her” was inspired by a friend’s experience, exploring the dangers of romanticized relationships. “2016,” however, is a deliberate departure, offering a grungy, early 2000s-inspired escape from love-based themes.

D4vd’s currently touring Australia, having played Laneway Festival alongside sold-out headline shows. Prepare for his electrifying live set at US festivals like Governor’s Ball and Bonnaroo this May and June!

Mia Rodriguez – Ride

Mia Rodriguez is back, fiercer than ever, with “RIDE,” a soul-infused bop dripping with self-belief. Co-written with A-listers and mixed by pop royalty, the track explores empowerment, identity, and liberation – themes Mia delved into after a 2023 break.

Inspired by a desire to embrace her sexuality in music, “RIDE” marks a bold personal and artistic step. It’s more than a catchy song; it’s an anthem for female empowerment, reclaiming agency in a world that objectifies and marginalises.

Mia calls “RIDE” her “most fun” songwriting experience ever, crediting its electrifying energy to instant chemistry with producer and bestie, Xavier Dunn. For the first time, she penned all the lyrics, steering her artistic ship like never before.

“To ride something is to take control,” Mia declares, summarising the empowering metaphor fueling the song. “RIDE” is Mia’s bold reclamation, a rallying cry for women to own their narratives and embrace their power.

Maggie Rogers- Don’t Forget Me

Maggie Rogers is gearing up for the release of her third studio album, “Don’t Forget Me,” set to hit the shelves on April 12 via Capitol Records. In a heartfelt letter, Rogers sets the scene for the album – envisioning a laid-back Sunday afternoon, characterised by well-worn denim, drives in cherished cars, and the timeless allure of classic melodies.

Teaming up with Ian Fitchuk for production, Rogers reveals the spontaneous creation of eight out of ten tracks within a mere five days. The title track, dropped today, delves into the enduring impact of relationships, accompanied by a nostalgic Super 8-shot video capturing the essence of daily life.

“Don’t Forget Me” emanates a distinctive warmth, reflecting Rogers’ early days as a bedroom artist. The album, culminating mostly in first takes, maintains an authentic, unfiltered quality. Maggie Rogers invites listeners to join her on a musical journey, embracing the simplicity and profound resonance of memories and relationships.

Velvet Trip – Harmony Blooms

Sydney’s psychedelic duo Velvet Trip celebrate their debut album “Harmony Blooms” with an East Coast tour! Catch them across Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and more as they bring their brand-new sounds to life. This isn’t just a tour; it’s a personal and musical evolution.

The album, born from pandemic woes and global turmoil, reflects Hamilton and Allen’s artistic exploration. Hamilton’s European travels fueled inspiration, while a broken hand led to unique one-handed recordings. Together, they transformed over 20 demos into a sonic masterpiece with help from renowned producers and musicians.

“Harmony Blooms” isn’t just music; it’s a transformation. Allen notes, “It feels like stepping into a different state of mind.” Witness this artistic metamorphosis live from March & April, including sets at Bluesfest, Taronga Twilights, and Summersalt Festival!

The Rubens – Liquid Gold

Australia’s indie-rock darlings, The Rubens, are back with a scorching new summer anthem, ‘Liquid Gold,’ following the success of last year’s hit, ‘Good Mood.’ The track, accompanied by a video shot by vocalist Sam Margin in the vibrant streets of Rio, Brazil, radiates sunshine and beckons you to plan your next beachside escape.

Despite its infectious energy, ‘Liquid Gold’ conceals a narrative of bold self-destruction, wrapped in a bright, sunny exterior that grins through the pitfalls. The lyrics encapsulate the essence of resilience: “Fall down, get up, fall down again, sun shines, get up, dance.”

The Rubens, coming off a stellar 2023 with the acclaimed release of ‘Good Mood’ and a sold-out 10,000-ticket national tour, are poised for another massive year. ‘Liquid Gold’ is primed to be the summer anthem, signaling a promising chapter for The Rubens in 2024. So, get ready to crank up the volume and let ‘Liquid Gold’ soundtrack your sun-soaked adventures.

Crowded House – Oh Hi

ARIA Hall of Fame titans Crowded House make a comeback with ‘Oh Hi,’ a spirited single produced by the band and Steven Schram. Neil Finn’s pledge, “I won’t forget,” resonates in this vibrant guitar-driven track, deeply connected to his backing of the non-profit So They Can.

With over 15 million records sold and a storied career spanning four decades, Crowded House has not only carved a place in music history but consistently sold out global tours. Founded by Neil Finn, Nick Seymour, and the late Paul Hester, their 1986 self-titled debut went platinum, propelled by hits like ‘Something So Strong’ and ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over,’ a song covered by artists ranging from Miley Cyrus to U2.

Their 2021 album, ‘Dreamers Are Waiting,’ marked a triumphant return, earning an ARIA Award. As the band continues to shape their legacy, ‘Oh Hi’ hints at more touring and new music, reaffirming Crowded House’s enduring influence on the musical landscape.