Jaguar Jonze is set to break her silence with forthcoming EP, ‘Victim Impact Statement’

Jaguar Jonze announces new EP ‘Victim Impact Statement’ a cathartic and powerful expression of reclaiming one’s narrative

After a prolonged social media silence since November 2023, Jaguar Jonze has re-emerged into the spotlight, ready to share a deeply personal and compelling narrative with the announcement of her upcoming EP, “Victim Impact Statement.”

The EP, set to be released on Friday, 23 February, marks a significant moment for Deena Lynch, the artist behind the Jaguar Jonze persona, as she bravely reclaims her art, body, and identity following a harrowing five-year journey of advocacy and trauma.


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Having been absent from social media for an extended period, Jaguar Jonze resurfaces to deliver the news of her forthcoming release and sheds light on the inspiration behind the project. In her own words, Deena Lynch speaks about the darkness she faced and the toll it took on her:

“I’ve been dark on social media for a while because, as most of you know, in 2019, two music producers took my body without my consent. For 5 years, I advocated in the media, music industry, and government for safety in our workplaces. At the same time, I had to fight for my own justice and protection through countless court hearings and proceedings.”

The EP, titled “Victim Impact Statement,” holds a profound significance for Jaguar Jonze, representing her courageous efforts to reclaim her voice, body, and power. It serves as a testament to her resilience and determination to break free from the silence that enveloped her and find solace in her art. The artist expresses her journey of healing and renewal through the EP, using it as a medium to grieve and repair:

“On February 23rd, I’m releasing my intimate EP ‘victim impact statement’ to return my voice and own my body. To break out of the silence and take back my power. To grieve and repair. I am slowly finding the courage to create again. It would mean so much if you could support my journey back into my artistry.”

In addition to the EP release, Jaguar Jonze has announced two intimate shows alongside Japanese poetry-rapper Haru Nemuri, her collaborator on the single “ANGRY ANGRY” released last April. The performances are scheduled for Workers Club in Melbourne on Tuesday, 27 February, and The Lady Hampshire in Sydney on Thursday, 29 February.

As Jaguar Jonze courageously steps back into the spotlight, her “Victim Impact Statement” EP promises to be a cathartic and powerful expression of reclaiming one’s narrative, further solidifying her place as an artist who fearlessly confronts adversity through her music.

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