Artist on Artist Interview: MORGXN & Jaguar Jonze

Indie pop artist MORGXN and art-pop sensation Jaguar Jonze share insights on creativity, advocacy, and inspiration.

From Nashville’s vibrant music scene emerges indie pop artist Morgan Isaac Karr, known as MORGXN. With hits like “Beacon” and “Young & In Love,” MORGXN crafts a blend of strength and vulnerability.

On the other side of the World is Jaguar Jonze, aka Deena Lynch, a multitalented artist who translates her skills into her debut album “BUNNY MODE.” Jonze’s fierce art-pop aligns with the likes of St. Vincent and Charli XCX. As a photographer, artist, and musician, Jonze taps into her many talents to create an inspiring narrative.


In this unique Artist on Artist on Artist interview, MORGXN and Jaguar Jonze delve into their creative journeys, LGBTQI+ advocacy, and the essence of being an artist in 2023. MORGXN reflects on his empowering song “Beacon,” while Jaguar Jonze opens up about her introspective track “ASTRONAUT.”

The artists explore the challenges of the evolving music industry, setting personal goals, and finding meaning in their artistic endeavours. As they navigate their paths, MORGXN and Jaguar Jonze provide a glimpse into their creative minds and share a candid dialogue about their experiences as artists in today’s ever-changing landscape.

jaguar jonz


Jaguar Jonz: How have you found being an artist as well as a voice for the LGBTQI+ community?

MORGXN: I never really set out to be a ‘voice for’ anyone. I just found myself at a crossroads where these thoughts and feelings were sitting inside me for so long that I needed a place to process them. Music let me do that.

Along the way I have been so lucky and so moved by the responses I’ve gotten from the LGBTQI+ community. I think one of my proudest moments though is the number of parents who reach out to me with questions and sharing their own journey of acceptance. We still have a long way to go but a lot of the burden is on parents learning to speak differently to their children.

I was really lucky to have parents that accepted me. They questioned me and were concerned for sure. My mom is very open about that journey and I think we can heal this wound by being really open and honest along the way. I will always make music that feels true to me and I hope I can continue to provide comfort in that.

Jaguar Jonz: What is one song of yours you are most proud of?

MORGXN: I really think BEACON is a song that was yanked out of me. I was on the road after the pandemic (but also was it over?) and talking to my friend Melissa Fuller about this idea I had for a song.

Feeling lost is like a permanent state for me. She was the one that was helping me sort through these feelings of finding my way again after being dropped by my label but also realising success in a totally different way.

When I got home to Nashville it was literally like, “I’m done with music. I have no plans and don’t know where I’m going.” BEACON was the next song written around the piano I had in my house growing up.

I feel like I needed BEACON in that moment to let me know that it was ok to feel really lost, because a time will come when I’ll feel ‘found’ and it will all make sense.

Jaguar Jonz: Toilet paper – scrunch or fold?

MORGXN: Bidet all the way. Save paper. USA needs to get on this journey. Everywhere else gets it.


MORGXN: “What is one song of yours you hope the aliens find? And why..”

Jaguar Jonz: ASTRONAUT – it just seems fitting as the lyrics talk about being lost in a blanket of dark space and waiting for the mothership to come get me. Beam me up, Scotty!

MORGXN: What does being an artist mean to you in 2023?”

Jaguar Jonz: To be honest, this question is so hard to answer as it is definitely one I’m struggling with in 2023. After the COVID -19 pandemic, having released my debut album ‘BUNNY MODE’ last year and writing and performing my show at Sydney Opera House for VIVID, I’m currently in a place where I’m asking myself this very question!

The last couple of years has seen artists under tremendous pressure to survive and be expected to wear so many hats from content creator, social media manager, influencer, music artist, performer etc.

I’ve spent the last couple of months writing and recentering myself to tune out all of the societal noise and remember what I came into this industry to do. I’ll have a better answer for you when I come out of the slump haha.

MORGXN: What goals do you have for the next year?

Jaguar Jonz: Working on my next chapter and direction with my sophomore album. My goal is to write an album where I am truly writing for myself. BUNNY MODE is an album I am so proud of but was released alongside the #metoo advocacy I’ve been at the frontline of for many years and I felt like I had to write on behalf of so many survivors.

I’m focused on prioritising my artistry and giving myself the freedom to create and express without that weight on my shoulders…and honestly, just have a bit of fun with it.