ALBUM PREMIERE: SALTY MC’s ‘ANOMALY’ packs a somber brooding punch

SALTY MC’s ‘ANOMALY’ navigates somber hip-hop territories, blending genres to explore introspective shadows with depth.

SALTY MC, the Australian Alternative-Rap artist hailing from Wollongong, NSW, emerges with his debut album “ANOMALY,” a captivating sonic journey that defies genre boundaries and delves deep into the shadows of introspection.

With an intricate blend of somber hip-hop, brooding melodies, and poignant lyrical narratives, SALTY MC crafts an enigmatic universe that invites listeners to traverse the hallways of his innermost struggles and vulnerabilities.

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In a musical landscape that’s constantly evolving, Australian hip-hop has risen from a regional curiosity to a global force to be reckoned with. Artists like Hilltop Hoods, Tkay Maidza, and Dobby have propelled the genre beyond its geographical confines, allowing local narratives to find resonance on a global scale.

SALTY MC’s “ANOMALY” follows suit, encapsulating the essence of Australian hip-hop’s distinctive blend of cultural identity and universal themes, while pushing the envelope even further.

Describing “ANOMALY” as a mere fusion of Dark R&B and hip-hop would be an oversimplification. This album is a masterful display of genre-bending exploration, as SALTY MC seamlessly melds his rap prowess with brooding melodies and introspective storytelling.

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The result is a sonic tapestry where haunting choruses intertwine with emotionally charged verses, creating an atmosphere that shifts between raw intensity and captivating beats.

The album’s ten tracks unfold as an enigmatic narrative, guiding the listener through cathartic tales of a 24-year-old who’s walked paths haunted by drugs, lost love, and anger. Each track serves as a window into SALTY MC’s world, allowing us to witness his transformation, vulnerabilities, and the battles fought within the recesses of his psyche.

“ANOMALY” embraces its title as it disrupts the expectations of the ordinary. SALTY MC’s musical vision is a testament to the power of anomaly, as he draws on a diverse range of influences, including Pop-Punk, UK Grime, Southern Trap, Lo-fi, and Dark R&B. The album showcases his unique artistic identity, combining sung and rapped vocals with evocative lyrics that resonate with raw authenticity.

Lyrically, “ANOMALY” navigates the complexities of life and emotion with finesse. The album’s opener, “Antisocial,” immerses listeners in a contemplative ambiance, setting the tone for introspection. Tracks like “Letter to Tom” encapsulate the artist’s personal growth and the ever-evolving nature of relationships. “Walk Me to My Grave” takes an unexpected turn, infusing the album with a 90s-inspired twist that blurs the boundaries between rap and singing.

Collaborations, such as the poignant “Whats Doin,” showcase the convergence of distinct voices, painting a collective narrative that transcends individual verses.

The album’s pinnacle, “Pain (Decibel Tribute),” wraps up the journey with finesse. A stunning track of somber hip-hop, it epitomises introspection, delving deep into the artist’s struggles and emotions of losing a friend. Through candid verses, SALTY MC invites listeners to connect with his experiences on a personal level, leaving an indelible mark.

‘ANOMALY’ is a triumph of production, with each track boasting its own unique sound and style. Recorded at Fith Studios and mixed and mastered by Jake at the same, the album’s artistry extends to its visual components, thanks to the work of Right From The Den. The intricate instrumental music production credits read like a who’s who of creativity.

“ANOMALY” stands as a testament to SALTY MC’s unapologetic creativity, inviting listeners to journey beyond familiar boundaries. “ANOMALY” is not just an album; it’s an invitation to embrace the complexity of emotion and experience, an exploration of light and shadow within the tapestry of sound.

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