In an exclusive interview with Happy Mag, Josh, one half of the acclaimed Japanese-Australian electronic sibling duo Lastlings, took a moment to delve into the depths of their highly anticipated forthcoming album “Perfect World.”

During the conversation, Josh generously unveiled fascinating details about their recent single, “Gravity.” This melodic gem, infused with an emotional richness that resonates profoundly, originated from the songwriting brilliance of Amy, the other half of Lastlings.

Drawing inspiration from fragments of a melody she had composed years ago, Amy’s creative genius takes center stage, with the poignant closing line, “Now we’re on hold,” encapsulating a timeless theme of romantic stagnation and longing for the past. It is through these deeply introspective lyrics that Lastlings’ artistry shines brightest, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of their listeners.

But the allure of “Gravity” extends beyond the boundaries of Lastlings’ own artistic vision. The duo sought out the remarkable talents of LA artist Rinzen, celebrated for his innovative approach and deft touch, to breathe new life into the track.

Collaborating seamlessly with Lastlings’ dreamy indie-dance production, Rinzen injects his unique artistic sensibilities, resulting in a mesmerizing sonic tapestry that enchants the senses and leaves listeners spellbound. With each resounding note, the boundary between reality and ethereal beauty blurs, immersing the audience in a transcendent auditory experience.

Not to be overlooked is the contribution of the exceptional mixing virtuoso, Simon Lam. With his meticulous attention to detail, Lam expertly weaves together the intricate layers of “Gravity,” ensuring that every sonic element finds its perfect harmony. The end result is a track that glistens with an irresistible allure, capturing the essence of Lastlings’ enigmatic artistry and drawing the listener further into their sonic universe.

However, the conversation with Josh didn’t stop at “Gravity.” It served as an entry point into the ethereal realm of Lastlings’ forthcoming album, “Perfect World.”

With their unique fusion of sentimentally charged lyricism and dreamy indie-dance production, Lastlings have emerged as true trailblazers in the electronic music scene. Their unwavering commitment to crafting emotionally resonant and sonically captivating music is a testament to their artistry.

With “Perfect World” on the horizon, Lastlings are poised to ascend to new heights, offering fans and critics alike an awe-inspiring sonic journey that pushes the boundaries of their musical voyage.

The anticipation for this remarkable milestone is palpable, as Lastlings continue to redefine what it means to create immersive and captivating electronic music.

Perfect World is out Friday June 23rd here.