interview with le shiv

Join us for a cruise down dusty highways, chance bar encounters, and stumbling upon vintage Casios, with Le Shiv

Jarleth and Pencil, swung into Happy to chat about their recent EP drop ‘New World Colour,’ open roads, chance run-ins with memorable characters like Charlie (who belts out anthems at local watering holes), and finding instruments in unexpected places. 

Returning to Australia, after their recent North American tour with Ocean Alley & Skeggs, whose wild escapades became the soul of their breakout single, “I’m Fine, I’ve Said Too Much, But How Are You?” Le Shiv are gearing up for their very own debut EP tour.

Le Shiv’s charm lies in their knack for winning fans across the Pacific. Tracks like “Where’s My Money” and the catchy “Charlie Don’t Go” have become anthems for a generation drawn to their genuine vibe and undeniable talent for writing total moods. “Charlie Don’t Go,” sparked by a late-night chat with the real Charlie, proved that the best music comes from unexpected places.

Their debut EP, “New World Colour,” is leaving a solid mark on editorial playlists, radio stations, and magazines. Fans, hooked on the honesty of their stories, the energy of their live shows, and the universal rhythm of their music, is multiplying on the daily.

Le Shiv’s journey proves that all you need is a beat-up car, a thirst for adventure, and a chance encounter with a Casio to create something special.

Their music—a mix of road trip tales and infectious vibes—resonates widely, establishing them as a rising force.

But the adventure isn’t over. Le Shiv is gearing up to join The Terry’s Tour in April, and crossing the Australian coast with their New World Colour EP tour. And keep an ear out because with Le Shiv, the best is yet to come.

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Cheers to tixel for making this interview possible.