maggie tra interview at happy mag

Maggie Tra, founder of DJ collective Pho the Girls & Hanoi Community Radio, talks new projects, & shines a light on voluntourism with ‘Walk to Cambodia’

Maggie Tra, swung by Happy Mag to chat about her latest endeavours, including her recent EP release ‘ a love memoir’ and debut album ‘Kingdom of Her,’ dropped in September.

Maggie’s music is a beautiful fusion of Cambodian sounds, a nod to her heritage, and a way to shine a light on Khmer artists who often don’t get the recognition they deserve globally.

But Maggie’s not just about the music; she’s on a mission to make a real difference. She’s a vocal advocate for decolonising international development, especially tackling the negative impacts of voluntourism in Cambodia.

And to prove she can put her money where her mouth is, she’s lacing up her sneakers for the 2024 Walk to Cambodia, not just for the exercise, but to raise awareness and funds for Human & Hope, a charity doing incredible work empowering local communities and addressing voluntourism’s challenges head-on.

Growing up in a household rich with Cambodian culture, Maggie’s journey back to Cambodia as a young adult was eye-opening.

It made her even more determined to bring about positive change, especially after seeing the limitations of voluntourism efforts.

Maggie’s music speaks volumes too. Her debut album seamlessly blends traditional Cambodian elements with modern beats, reflecting her deep connection to her roots.

And she’s not stopping there. She’s determined to break barriers and ensure Cambodian artists get the recognition they deserve globally.

So, as Maggie gears up for the Walk to Cambodia, she’s extending an invitation for others to join her. It’s not just about the miles; it’s about making a meaningful impact, supporting grassroots initiatives, and celebrating cultural heritage.

Together, they’re stepping towards a brighter future for Cambodia and beyond. For more info on The Walk to Cambodia head here.

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