In the midst of a busy schedule at SXSW Sydney and in between writing camps, Haley from Sløtface took a breather to chat with us at Happy. 

The Norwegian punk-pop-rock ensemble Sløtface, formerly known and still pronounced as Slutface, recently joined forces with Australia’s The Buoys to create the dynamic track, ‘Fight Back Time.’

Initially, Haley, along with collaborators Michael Champion (Wet Legs ‘Chaise Longue’) and Paul Whalley (Tileyard Studios)  laid down the foundation of the track. However, it was temporarily shelved until a digital connection with The Buoys revived the project. 

United by a shared admiration for Maggie Rogers and a mutual affection for Haim, the collaboration seamlessly fell into place.

Despite the geographical divide, Haley and Zoe Catterall of The Buoys connected over numerous Zoom writing sessions, enabling the two bands  to navigate different time zones, allowing the creative process to flourish.

Haley beautifully encapsulates the essence of ‘Fight Back Time,’ explaining, “It’s about feeling way too caught up in everything you’re doing when you have too much going on, and desperately trying to grab some pieces of your life back so that you feel in control.” 

Join us as we delve into the partnership between Sløtface and The Buoys, the inspiration behind the track, and what’s coming up next for the Norwegian indie-pop-rock outfit from Stavanger.

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Cheers to tixel for making this interview possible.