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Tom Cardy comedian/musician dropped into Happy to chat about Just For Laughs, the comedy fest taking over Sydney.

The world’s biggest comedians are gearing up for the 2023 edition of Just For Laughs Sydney, which takes to venues across the city early this month.

Among them Tom Cardy, who is set to host The 2023 instalment of Just For Laughs Sydney will kick off on November 12, and promises a week-long fit of hilarity with a program chock-full of some of the world’s biggest comedians. 

Thanks to Kiwi legends Flight of the Conchords, musical comedy has long been getting getting its moment in the spotlight.

Tom Cardy, with two songs in this year’s hottest one hundred, pulls apart cheesy pop music, to form his humour, and in the interim takes any expectations you had about music and about comedy and throws it out the window. 

Join us as we delve into all things funny, with the very talented Tom Cardy.

tom cardy


Factory Theatre – Wednesday, 15th November, 9.30pm

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