Introducing the jazzy madness and undeniable mastery of GODTET

It’s rare you come across music that genuinely makes you stop in your tracks. It’s rare in a world where we’re bombarded by media every waking moment, as it begs you to stop what you’re doing and listen.

It’s a rarity, that’s for sure, and that’s GODTET in one word.

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Photo: Pritt Siimon Creative

Performing a new set every week sound like a nightmare? Not for GODTET, the Sydney-based multi-instrumentalist making waves with a new kind of live show.

GODTET is the brainchild and live band project of Sydney legend Godriguez, known for producing Sampa the Great’s The Great Mixtape and his raucous live shows. His album – which has sold out on vinyl – is something you need to get your hands on if you haven’t already. It rises in value with every jazz-infused bar.

GODTET’s self-titled LP is a standout, the expertly crafted songs dancing between dynamics with grooves so tight it could cut off your circulation. Luckily, the soaring synths and eclectic guitar work somehow keeps the blood rushing through your veins. This album is a drug.

The project is making waves, securing more residencies than you can poke a stick at; garnering attention for their musical diversity and the absolute insanity of putting together a new set every week.

“[The January residency] was such a fun hang. The funnest part was just getting all my sick talented mates together for some gigs and getting to hang. Had heaps of people go to all four and say each one was different and interesting for them ’cause of the lineups, but also the way GODTET had different guest musos join them each week and we’d react to them and sound wildly different each night.”

Having different guest musicians and an ever evolving set has just left punters with an insatiable hunger for more. They’ve been busting their chops all over Sydney since their album dropped, with another residency coming in May alongside guest vocalists to boot.

“I don’t tell any of them what to play in any way shape or form,” says the artist. “GODTET are my favourite musos/friends to play with.”

GODTET shared that coming up with a new set each week is “really easy and natural” – believe it or not – and it’s really just “a case of calling your mates, organise a date to hang and play a show. Really is that simple.” 

I can’t wait to check it out myself, he’s playing this Saturday at Record Fair Live at 5:30pm with some “new new material” and “some tracks the band won’t have heard until we’re onstage playing the gig.”


GODTET plays Record Fair Live this Saturday at the Bank Hotel in Newtown. Grab all the details here.

If you missed that one, your next chances are the GODTET May residences and a single show at Stonnington Jazz Festival on May 12th.