Jack River announces ‘Climate Hour’ discussion before her Sydney show

Forster’s dream-pop queen Jack River (Holly Rankin) has announced a ‘Climate Hour’ discussion is to be held before her Sydney show on Friday the 7th June, to give fans a chance to hear experts talk about climate change.

The panel for the discussion will consist of climate activists such as Tim Silverwood, the co-founder and CEO of ‘Take 3 for the Sea’, Professor Lesley Hughes from The Climate Council and Australia’s favourite scientist, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki (aka Dr Karl).

Jack River is giving fans attending her upcoming Sydney show free entry to a ‘Climate Hour’ panel discussion, with panelists Tim Silverwood, Dr Karl and Lesley Hughes.

Jack River has been a long time advocate for action on climate change. In a statement, she said:

Climate change and its accompanying science and solutions are vast subjects which young people are so passionate about but simultaneously overwhelmed to the point of non-action…”

“I want to directly inspire young people with personal stories of direct action and expertise, whilst breaking down the social frustration and confusion surrounding such a massive and overwhelming issue.”

The discussion is part of her Sugar Mountain Ball tour that runs throughout May and June. Catch ‘Climate Hour’ at 6pm on the 7th June at the Enmore Theatre, before support acts Eve Karydas and San Mei, and of course Jack River.

Entry is free for the show’s ticket holders but RSVP is essential, so if you’re keen to attend email your full name and proof of ticket purchase to [email protected]

Those unable to attend will still be able to watch the discussion broadcasted over Jack River’s socials following the event.