Jacob Reese Thornton runs us through three of his tracks

It’s been a few months since we first stumbled upon the music of Florida-based singer-songwriter Jacob Reese Thornton, but for that entire time, we haven’t stopped listening.

So, we asked Thornton for a thorough run-down on a selection of his tracks. Take it away, Jacob…

Two originals and a cover: Florida-based singer-songwriter Jacob Reese Thornton runs down on a selection of his brilliant tracks.

Sketches of You

When Sketches showed up, I felt like I was finally starting to tap into a sound that reflects my different influences but is still my own. It was definitely a step in a new direction. It started with a Lindsey Buckingham-style fingerpicking exercise that kicks off the tune. I had been playing with that pattern subconsciously for months and decided to build a song around it one morning. The music fell into place right away. The tune was written, arranged, and performed on the same day except for the drums, which are by Lee Levin from Barry Gibb’s band. The lyrics took longer – they always do. But the song wasn’t overthought. To me, the track has South Florida all over it! A lot of what you hear in the final mix was done on the first take. It was self-produced and done in our garage studio, so there are imperfections. But that makes it sound raw and organic to me.

I Can See for Miles

Covering The Who’s I Can See for Miles was suggested by rock photographer Robert M. Knight, a good friend and mentor. The track was meant as a way for me to start collaborating with new band mate Logan Sheppard, an incredible drummer from L.A. Logan really captured that Keith Moon spirit on the track. Once we heard those killer drums, Robert reached out to Tony Franklin from The Firm (Jimmy Page/Paul Rodgers) and Blue Murder about laying down bass. Tony destroyed it! What an amazing musician and person. Logan and I are stoked to have worked with him. We’re so proud of the way the tune came out. I think we tapped into the original spirit of the song while still making it our own. Pete Townshend – what a songwriter!

Ground Rush

A few months back I was sifting through some old ideas recorded on my iPhone. One caught my ear because the riff was in a funky tuning I had been experimenting with. I wrote Ground Rush around that riff and after going on a Noel Gallagher and REM listening binge. It also has a bit of an Eye in the Sky (Alan Parsons) vibe. Ground Rush is one of my favourite original songs. And it’s definitely a left turn from the brown sound of my first EP. I can’t wait to drop it in September.