It’s no surprise Social House’s trap-pop and R&B debut EP is blowing up

Outta nowhere, Social House have taken off in the trap rap/pop scene with a breakout hit on Ariana Grande’s Boyfriend and Lil Yachty on Magic In The Hamptons.

Now, their debut EP Everything Changed has allowed the talented duo to establish themselves as independent personalities in the music scene, outside of their A-list collaborations.

Myele ManzanzaDynamic duo, Social House, are exploding on the scene with an infectious mix of trap pop and R&B, bringing flavour, attitude and style in spades.

When the duo first moved to Los Angeles, Mikey and Scootie spent weeks couch surfing, finding themselves among other scrappy yet determined artists, in a highly social and creative environment that became their fraternity, family, party spot, studio and home. During a session at home, Mikey and Scootie decided to, for the first time, create a track for themselves. In that moment, Social House was born.

The global sensation that is Boyfriend marked Social House as prominent emerging players in the scene after they teamed up with Ariana Grande. The funky bop, undeniable chorus and old school R&B vibes made it a certified hit. To top it off Grande also lent her infectious vocals on Haunt You.

Haunt You is a torn yet optimistic ballad for rekindled love. Mikey’s vocals and lyrics are generally interesting and paint a colourful, pained picture of a broken heart. The sting and forlorn longing continues in Why You Always Gotta Start Something, perhaps the most experimental note on the record.

With a huge chanting chorus, the groovy trap-rap beat starts off bumping hard. However, halfway through the pace melts away into a guitar driven dream. It matches Mikey and Scootie’s stance towards their lover from hatred and pain to adoration as they repeat, ‘Sweet cherry pie, you make it all right’. 

In more conservative pop circles this would perhaps be frowned up, loosing it’s catchy quality, however, it provided an unforeseen and pleasant change to the knocking beats.

Check out Everything Changed below:

EP bookend, Tropical Rain is an undeniable highlight. The beat oozes groove with a slapping bass and catchy falsetto hook. The glitchy, rain chimes provide yet another layer of cool to proceedings and gives the track a unique flavour all together.

Social House’s debut EP solidifies their place as big cats the modern trap jungle and we can’t wait to see what future bangers they pounce on.