Dominic Breen unveils his endearing new single Ashfield

Slowly appeasing the thirst of his evergrowing fanbase with more great music from his latent back catalogue, Dominic Breen has shared fresh track Ashfield.

Joining an absolutely stacked month of gigs at the Bank Hotel, Dominic Breen is definitely not one to miss.

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Dominic Breen will be launching his heartfelt, distinctly Australian classic Ashfield at the Bank Hotel this Friday.

The reluctance to yield to the dissolution of a relationship tugs hard at the heartstrings. “How did the screen door slam/How did I lose your trust/How did this happen to us,” he laments.

The moving lyrics on Ashfield are cloaked in a dewy Australiana melody that will stay with you long after the song has finished. It’s so easy to melt into Breen’s broader sound; a sunny concord of guitar, harmonica and percussion that exudes an astuteness suggestive of an enduring homegrown classic.

The Sydney multi-instrumentalist has been swiftly amassing a reputation as one of the most endearing songwriters emerging onto the scene and it shows with every new release.

With sophomore EP rattlin on the way in early September, we won’t have to wait much longer to cop a proper earful.

Dominic Breen will be launching Ashfield at the Bank Hotel this Friday, August 16th. More info here.